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Original title: Xiao Zhan just refutes a rumor the amour with Li Qin, cooperative tetralogy, go out in the 5th drama eventually perform sweethearts On Feburary 7, teleplay ” that sea in the dream ” Guan Xuan cast. This drama You Funing hold guide, xiao Zhan, Li Qin presents as leading role to act the leading role, the person such as heart of brilliant of Liu Ruilin, Cao, Zhao Xin, Cui Hang, Zhang Ling, Lu Nuo acts the leading role. This drama story told about 70 time, happen in a paragraph of past in courtyard.

20220208070657 62021691c7d64

This is Xiao Zhan and Li Qin the 5th collaboration of two actors. Accordingly, come out to be heard about the red of 2 people love again on the net. Nevertheless, xiao Zhan hit false maniple to refute a rumor very quickly with respect to dispatch the amour of 2 people.

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Actually, from film ” fight broken canopy ” when, 2 people had gone amour with respect to Ceng Chuan. 18 years, the netizen gathers up a 2 people ever together ski, xiao Zhan just has been denied. 21 years, ” the dream that is like a dream ” performance level, the netizen pats Xiao Zhan and Li Qin to have chaffy dish together, come out again amour, xiao Zhan just is denied again, say a lot of friends are attendant at that time. Refute a rumor this, be the 3rd!

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Xiao Zhan is an old handsome young man, sunshine is handsome, since going out all the time very energy, from ” Chen Qing makes ” later harvest a large number of vermicelli made from bean starch, make top class flow small unripe. Li Qin is a great beauty, melting but person, she also is single state. Two individual collaboration pass much department work, there is CP feeling very much on screen, furtive relation gets along pretty good also.

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So, they always are suspected Tan Lian loves, still have certain reliability, at least male Shuai Nv is beautiful, it is lone, it is love, also never mind is good those who say. And, it is to have a few vermicelli made from bean starch really, expect they can be together really, of CP of knock true person, many.

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Nevertheless, pink of true person CP does not suffer wait for see. Once confide idea, hard to avoid can get of bilateral vermicelli made from bean starch besiege. Actually, look in commander, CP of knock true person this thing, too normal nevertheless, two actors that him hope likes talk about love in reality, what fault do this have again?

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Of course, knock puts in knock ‘s charge, cannot careless start a rumour! Xiao Zhan and Li Qin are in ” fight broken canopy ” in, a personate forest repairs cliff, celestial being of young doctor of a personate, they just appear in same department theatrical work, make fun of without feeling, be mixed is hero Xiao Yan. In ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in, girl of drumstick of Li Qin personate, character of the personate that resemble battle puts the cloud on the ice, two people make fun of without feeling likewise, be mixed is hero Fan Xian.

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Be in ” I of kill celestial being ” in, be like the Zhang Xiaofan of battle personate, with the Liu Xueqi of Li Qin personate, be sentient play. Liu Xueqi is female in hero, zhang Xiaofan is to see to her admire, because of such, liu Xueqi just can use sword of kill celestial being to hurt him. Just concern because of what grow when the film, ” I of kill celestial being ” the amour that did not spread out he and Liu Xueqi.

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Be in ” wolf highness ” in, the disease of the personate that resemble battle is strong, it is hunter of a money reward, look be like straightforward appearance, the heart is actually tender, he is loving the horse of Li Qin personate greatly to pick a bit. When two people are together, disease rushs to always can give pick a star bring joy, picked a star to still be married disease is strong.

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Just as male 2, disease develops the disposition of tender goodness, made him final choose to let go, helped sb to fulfill his wishes pick a bit. Two people arrive finally, still fail. Two people cooperated tetralogy, between the part from it is a friend merely, arrive to see heart-to-heart sweetheart, the husband and wife that goes to brief marriage again, fail together from beginning to end. The 5th work that arrived to cooperate, their part, eventually the opportunity was together.

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Xiao Zhan is born in Xiaochun of the personate in drama, xiao Mei of Tong of Li Qin personate. Those who serve as this drama is male one is mixed female, their two part, should be the lover that loves each other to each other. Nevertheless, from the point of the story outline before, this pair of lovers, can not go certainly, it is to like each other probably, but because of a variety of reasons, the sort of cruel that fails together to live is loved.

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Current, xiao Zhan is in ” that sea in the dream ” play staff, already start working. The hope is in this drama, xiao Chunsheng and Tong dawn plum the feeling between two people, do not beg cruel amour deep, beg only flatly light, immerse with foam, go to future in all gift is nice. Of CP missing knock sth out of vessel, admit follow this theatrical work, exert all his strength certainly knock!

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