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Original title: ” between the world ” : Bone of a kind of old show joins in, but the biggest surprise is Yan Tao of 42 years old however “People ” : A kind of old bone playing character is combined, but the biggest surprise is Yin Tao of 42 years old, teleplay ” person ” it is complete, sharp ground, mirrorred on the life of the Shang Jiasheng’s sister of the century on the century. Teleplay is the setting of 3 sisters with Zhou Jia, as setting, narrate and a lot of audiences begin angle pattern.

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The story of teleplay is very charming. Although was told about,go up the life of the century, but it can be accorded with with current period. Use destiny and change character to mirror an age. After broadcast, it also got praising. Good content, the story is true, it is on one hand on one hand, the card of TV set is on the other hand.

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Can say, big name resembles one cloudlet, lei Jia, xin Baiqing, song Jia, yin Tao, the force actor such as Zhang Kai force is joined. Devote oneself to the feeling story of that times. This, yin Tao of 42 years old is a large window. Yin Tao this part by pitch on. When you mention Yin Tao, a lot of people can think of her classical teleplay.

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For example, “Historical sky ” ” spend happily like ” etc. She is a very active experience, the main actor’s part or tender person, or the role that fills breath. In a few years of in the past, as the addition of the age, yin Tao is active still the viewpoint domain in the audience. Yard place is Thespian ” Zheng youth ” also performing, the good life of love also is being performed, it was full of tall calorie, obtained mix actively negative feedback.

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This, in true subject, this also is a very big challenge to Yin Tao. Yin Tao’s expression is more excited. Tibetan green dress, two labyrinthian, still a lot of people are in of calabash dormant. This is the woman of that times.

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This part lives a bit, but her tough, her active, still involve a lot of people. Yin Tao still fits the part of this kind of type very much, this is the action that your person finds everything new and fresh. Teleplay is mirrorred in Pan Yan, also be special reason. You can let an audience see the role of that times, they are

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