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Original title: ” restart the 2nd season ” Beijing of big ending two actually very helpless Stay up late chased after ” restart 2 ” , as expected as expected, Zuo Beijing serves as the greatest villain in drama, also be the abet of behind the curtain of all plans, the plan declare that obtains money finally fails. And iron V-belt got whole group to dissolve all crises, live the life that went up to calm finally. Can do I feel Zuo Beijing just is the most pitiful that individual in whole department theatrical work how always? His final final result sees in light of us above all. Zuo Beijing passes an innumerable trials and hardships, after Wu Xie be duped countless times, eventually collect became neat god implement reed. He puts on the dress of Nanhai king, be just as archaic emperor ascend the throng general, take out sound facility, in the god implement next broadcasting writing ” fortune ” thunder tape.

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A such idolum appeared in the eye in him then, god implement open, the facile and graceful in fane is worn countless Jin Sha, slowly be born. The stomach was filled in his eye, his heart heart read aloud the treasure that read aloud to be found eventually. But the truth is truly, he is given pit by Wu San province again.

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Wu San saves that dish of tape that is keeping money is false at all. The gold of all over the sky in his eye is sanded, it is bronze wall sends out actually the mephitis that come out. This not by let me remember interrogatory Zuo Beijing is in Wu Xie again the reason with Wu Jiaqian so old dog days. Zuo Beijing says, I come your Wu Jia, because was given to design by Wu San province in those days,still not be. Was abandoned not to go by the companion Lei Cheng, I do not look for your Wujia to revenge who do I look for. , it is the disaster that 3 father’s younger brother cause, Zuo Beijing is saved by Wu San all one’s life hole two, every time sequential and serious. Lost go Lei Cheng’s opportunity, lost a lot, did not realize a dream twice, Zuo Beijing is too miserable also!

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Then, to retaliate Wu Jia, to get the treasure of Nanhai king, Zuo Beijing reached Home Wu with respect to true conceal, serve of cautious and conscientious Wu Jiaer more than 10 years. to await an opportunity. Should say him for purpose conceal, I feel Zuo capital has made many dedication for Wu Jia at least. And do not say, as the assistant of 2 father, get ready the business of their Wu Jia, let them cross jacket to feed the life that does not have care. Zuo Beijing also has treated them as really family member, this from him innocently a little movement can see. Wu Xie is guiding Zuo Beijing to search bronze reed at that time, when they carry a channel, encountered the bier of poisonous green sheet copper, firedamp explodes, Zuo Beijing is subliminal is to protect Wu Xie. Return a loss finally a hand.

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This reaction, the feeling follows encounter eagle, the hen protects the chickling below wing immediately euqally same. Although Zuo capital had defined in the heart,be spy so, wu Xie also does not want to believe this fact. He is interrogatory finally Zuo Beijing, since our Wu Jia is your personal enemy, why do you save me even. Zuo Beijing says. I had been been used to protect your Wu Jiaren, I protect you Wu Jiaren is so old, as long as you are occupied, I am met make response for a short while.

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Protect the family of own personal enemy more than 20 years, for their family cautious and conscientious, altruistic and consecratory, it is to avenge, this is afraid also is not everybody can accomplish! Although Zuo Beijing is the hellion in drama, but in my heart, it is really persistent, have the good man of action force again. He just is right poor person, his bad be to be forced come out. Mother of his childhood funeral, saw with one’s own eyes sees maternal die a tragic death is helpless before oneself, all but is killed by thunder. He what survive joins team audition thunder, search Nanhai king treasure, became the new target with strange another person.

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He learns to hear thunder hard, examine experience history data, put oneself even become to death the area is outstanding not person, the life of ghost. Say with its he is for fortune, still be inferior to saying is for him be pacified inner regret, perhaps find the treasure of Nanhai king, his mother won’t die, he can go up too the life of normal person. But all these, his dream and target, was given to destroy by Wu San province. So Zuo Beijing just spends time of more than 20 years, cloth so the bureau of careful, he one step by step the script that revulsive Wu Xie is pressing him goes, awaited so long time, just begin to implement a plan. If because Wu San province is final,not be about ” fortune ” tape dropped a bag, be afraid the ending of whole department theatrical work adapted. Zuo Beijing adopts a look implement had incomputable money, also made the same score oneself regret, wu Jiaye by his annex. The one pedestrian such as Wu Xie is completely annihilated. Be afraid this also does not accord with us the socialistic viewpoint of value of this the true ah. Playwrite is affirmative cannot so write! Then, calculate to the Zuo Beijing of idea careful or mechanism into, 100 close one scanty. Oneself heard so old thunder, did not think of the most crucial one step gave error actually. One child wrong, plateful is defeated. But I still like Zuo Beijing very much really of this individual, have ideal, have a cause, have the operation, have logic, have endurance. Such person is put now this times, be afraid without what the thing doesn’t become a success?

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