Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Statement of hair of Xie Na’s lawyer denies Zhang Jie ” jump odd ” ” minatory “ Late on Feburary 7, have explode makings say Zhang Jie, Xie Na buys a room to jump odd. The intermediary of alias H explodes makings Zhang Jie, Xie Na ever mixed 22 days twice to guide next seeing in its on June 21, 2019 room, h discovers 2 people contacted landlord to buy this room source under the counter later, with this escape big intermediary is expended, this intermediary still says after the event got lawyer of the other side browbeats. To this, on Feburary 8, zhang Jie Xie Na just releases a lawyer to state, deny ” jump odd ” ” minatory ” , say ” Mr H ” the effigies advantageous position that took behavior to encroach Zhang Jie and Xie Na badly secretly and privacy right. 20220208070927 620217279eac8 Zhang Jie thanks journalist of red star of graceful lawyer statement to allow to edit Li Jie grandly

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