Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Biography of Jackson of Michael Er · piece industry of movie of door of the lion in preparing takes next emission to counterpoise

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Jackson of Michael Er · the biography of Jackson of Michael Er · that dispatch of 1905 films net begins to run from 2019 piece ” Michael Er ” , had brand-new trends eventually. It is reported, this film already settle arrived below the banner of industry of lion door movie, lion door will be in charge of the whole world of film issueing copyright. Producer case pulls Hanmu King to make, won the support of Jackson bequest committee. Current, this of short duration did not decide director and actor person selected, but playwrite has been been surely, , , write person. As we have learned, film will be in from Jackson one’s early years the experience of 5 brother choir spreads out Jackson, telling about him is how one pace becomes popular king. And still will be revealed be besides music, the complexity of this man and legend colour. To a film, want to have such large capacity, not be a simple thing. Jackson of Michael Er · is born in American indiana city, it is the recreational star with most famous whole world. Michael Er is the 7th familial child, he was mixed 1964 brother together the first time appearance, 1968, cooperation of company of a record of band and place published the first piece of record ” Big Boy ” . Subsequently, his open the professional career of own legend. Carry the show of arena and video, he popularized the dancing technology such as pace of POPPING, aerospace. 13 Gelaimei were obtained in Jackson lifetime award and award of 26 completely beautiful music. In his individual solo career, have only music of champion of 13 United States. It is besides the musical circle, the lifestyle of Jackson luxury, confused privacy, also be the heat that media place pays close attention to. Current, this of short duration is not had film with show arrangement.

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