Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: About ” resemble in that way ” everything of newsreel

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“Libidinal city ” revive ” such ” the processing that accepting newsreel. To cooperate on Feburary 3 head those who sow ” AndJustLikeThat ” last collect, HBOMax still released a newsreel — this lets vermicelli made from bean starch people astonied. This film that is as long as a hour will include a behind the curtain titbits and to play staff member and actor interview, include Sara · Jiessie to block · handkerchief gram, Cynthia Nixon and Kelisiting Davis. The message of this film is to be in a Zhou Zao some moment announces, the gregarious media channel of HBOMax released prevue at that time. “This sports season should end possibly, but we had not ended, ” caption is written. ” such… this newsreel will on Feburary 3 head sow, broadcast on HBOMax only. ” ” although already 23 years, I am very excited also, ” handkerchief gram says in prevue, the combination that he also is this special program executes a person. “Fear again excited. ” ” the new actor that understands us is a gift only, we have them to bring our new thing, ” Davis complements in editing and rearrangement later. Of course, this kind of vogue also emphasized in prevue, the editing and rearrangement of the profusion of different, colour that when revealing gram of Davis, handkerchief and Salidaqiaoduli to try to be started afresh, sees and top class concert. “You need to walk out of your comfortable area, this is the distinguished place of this program, ” Roger of dress stylist Mollie this say. Roger this the dress in still making original series together with Patelixia Field, latter is done not have come back to begin the work afresh. The partial content of prevue still showed Nixon sits on director chair the small part with Willie Jiasen, latter dies suddenly when filming last year at pancreatic cancer. Because let him leave Japan till the cows come home, his part Stanford Bulaji was cancelled show. Can watch on HBOMax now ” AndJustLikeThat ” newsreel.

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