Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Ending of teleplay of one’s whole life Big ending is what is appropriate to the occasion and Zhou Shengchen married.

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1, what is appropriate to the occasion and week birthday predestined relationship decide this life, gao Tian makes up for ancient time piece regretful, in this process, they experienced a lot of test and setback, the joint efforts is become win the home finally. The ending of 4 heroine in drama is disparate. In drama this 4 big female advocate ending is disparate, zhou Wenxing chases after love successfully, the friend love of Hong Xiaoyu and week birthday, and Qin Wan helps one’s own son carry a blame on the head.

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2, of Wang Ruixin personate is Zhou Wenxing this part, she is kind-hearted and tender, very pure really. Although family circumstances is rich, but she is very few limelight, very few also look good as result of recieving praise, the moral of the elder brother Zhou Wenchuan of this and herself is widely divergent. Although familial interest is daedal, zhou Shengchen is half-blooded elder brother, dan Zhouwen Is hope to be moved by the love of what is appropriate to the occasion and Zhou Shengchen however, make the emotional god secondary attack of two people, is not stand in mother and little brother at the same time.

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3, ” one’s whole life ” be called by the netizen ” Zhou Shengru reason ” ” the longest time outside ” , such, because two drama are adapted,be from same department novel, a lot of clues in drama are contacted together with the dream of Gu Jin story. Go up the week birthday epigone of all one’s life is very much, disposition also unlike this all one’s life is so bored, but not was together to still be gone to by get rid of with what is appropriate to the occasion finally beauty bone, too miserable really. In contemporary novel, zhou Shengchen became a scientist, disposition depressing, honest, Mu Ne, but he is very lucky the what is appropriate to the occasion that encountered flame.

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