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Original title: Beautiful language endows with: Qiu Yan’s person is set too individualized, liang Yi can not his mind disturbed how On this two day confusing drama of a net, you Qiaoxin and Xu Zhengxi add up to those who make a main actor to have theatrical work of case of explore of feeling of ancient costume talk ” beautiful language is endowed with ” . Replaced 10 part at present. Teleplay ” beautiful language is endowed with ” Qiu Yan’s person sets the heroine that medium Qiao Xin acts very individualize, it is the woman role on traditional sense no longer, can saying in drama is rebel against orthodoxy, but be full of glamour again. Qiu Yan is the 2 young ladies with autumn misbegotten government office, identity lowliness, there is a little brother only in close Mom eye, other the jest that the family of a few rooms is thinking to see her only, inspect her to be eyesore even, only the madam waits for her to be like personal place, consider for her everywhere, return the little sister be envious of that offends half-bloodedly.

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Qiu Yan is constitutional order hard, get married that day, do obeisance to hall ceremony to still do not have an end, bridegroom official died. The accusation requirement be buried with the dead that oneself still are pressed to get on to overcome a husband, can say a bureau with respect to the brim heroine park life. Others persuades her submit to the will of Heaven, because this is the tradition that everybody is used to, but the arrangement that she slants to not be willing to accept a destiny, do not be willing the woman holds the post of person dictate like duckweed, she should strive for the opportunity of subsist of a gleam of for oneself. Someone says she is crafty, someone says idea exquisite, sneer at her play up to people of power and influence. She thinks detection method understands predicament, however not debunk she, be attracted by her insensibly again however in this process. The chief Liang Yi that this individual is kindling place.

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Liang Yi and Qiu Yan are not the ideal person on traditional sense is set, taking the behavior that common people place cannot bear the sight of and weakness instead, the most important is two people also cannot bear the sight of each other, everywhere give tit for tat, each other does not let, understood each other in the process of collective explore case instead, former opposite party is not environment place pass in that way. Qiu Yan this character very individualize, she to give oneself a means of subsistence, the age that she used house noble home child Qin Xuan, want to capture this to help straw, result or disappoint Qin Xuan. The person that because she is true,likes is Liang Yi. Liang Yi moves to be aimed at Qiu Yan, it is to want to help a good friend originally, let him see well Qiu Yan’s real features, help brother at extreme misery, which know which jump over defect however deeper, liked to go up autumn beautiful girl.

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After congratulate Feng case, be two individual knot bad luck begin, fake silver-colored ballot proposal is two people emotive is aided however push an agent, the person that does not know how the gut playwrite from the back just can let two people is set did not molder. The angle that stands in Qin Xuan otherwise looks too dog blood, oneself good friend rapped the girl that he likes.

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