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Original title: ” that sea in the dream ” formal Guan Xuan, the Li Qin that resemble battle cooperates 5 degrees, netizen: Li Qin does not suit Guide language: Since ” germinant ” this teleplay, after big ending, does everybody have drama crop failure? There can be the line on more good theatrical work 2022, xiao Zhan has several to wait for sow drama, which does everybody expect?

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On Feburary 7, ” that sea in the dream ” this teleplay, formal Guan Xuan everybody acts the leading role, this teleplay before this, all the time Xiao Zhan can give rumor act, everybody thinks all the time is in smooth pink, unexpected is, xiao Zhan’s true go outing performed this teleplay, cooperate once more with Li Qin.

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This teleplay, it is a mainstream drama, gut and ordinary members of theatrical troupe are very rich appeal, presenting as leading role to act the leading role is Xiao Zhan, Li Qin, the main actor is heart of brilliant of Liu Ruilin, Cao, Zhao Xin, Cui Hang, Zhang Ling, Lu Nuo.

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Teleplay ” that sea in the dream ” it is the Beijing with 70 time is life setting, told about a flock of courtyard children to grow, pursue dream, struggling story, show come out 60 hind, 70 hind this generation person’s particular life culture.

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This drama actually already warm-up many times, had come out many hearsays about the main actor, and at the outset the heroine in the hearsay, not be Li Qin, however Miao Miao, Yang Caiyu, the Neozoic floret such as Cai Wenjing.

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After the government announces a main actor, xiao Zhan is rapid also transmit this are small rich, introduced oneself part, express, I am Xiao Chunsheng, that our sea sees, li Qin also uses similar pattern, transmit official small gain, express, I am Tong Xiaomei, that our sea sees.

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It is reported, this has been Xiao Zhan and Li Qin, cooperated the 5th times, they go out jointly before had acted, ” fight broken canopy ” , ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” , ” kill celestial being ” , ” wolf highness ” wait for work.

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In ” fight broken canopy ” and ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” in, two people make fun of without too much adversary, be in ” kill celestial being ” with ” wolf highness ” in, the adversary drama of two people is more, also have a lot of emotional show shares, in ” wolf highness ” in although of personate is male,resemble battle 2, but the netizen thinks, li Qin and the show share that resemble battle have sth. worth seeing or reading more.

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Cooperate for many times in what be like battle Yu Liqin in the process, had come out ” Li Qin is when Xiao Zhan is not red help Xiao Zhan ” message, because of this message, the relation of a lot of people to two people, produced misunderstanding, be in ” that sea in the dream ” in this teleplay, two people cooperate again, the public opinion on the net is not very good however.

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The netizen expresses, li Qin cooperates once more with what resemble battle, affirmative meeting comes out red is heard, can hit to the discharge of male star very big, even if do not take off pink now, also can show after a few months come, in this teleplay before formal Guanxuan, have a netizen to piece square, had put forward reasonable pick part appeal to beg.

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Still some netizens express, li Qin does not suit, she takes body cold constitution oneself, all ages is not red, tall order of heart comparing day is smaller than paper, it is to send specialist of the hype that connect draft, 5 build without any new move. Epilogue: Everybody how look upon, the main actor of this teleplay holds the post of a battle array, 5 degrees of collaboration that expect Xiao Zhan and Li Qin?

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