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Original title: Of devoted new face ” marry compose of write words divorce ” can be the 3rd season also loved?

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TVCHOSUN is new on the weekend drama ” marry compose of write words divorce 3 ” Jiang Xinxiao, Chi Rongshan, Li Huishu comes on stage with drama sentences Shi Xian, Shen Ruxin, Jin Dongmei mediumly, expressed open and aboveboard aspiration. Predict to be in on Feburary 26 head those who sow ” marry compose of write words divorce 3 ” told about many years old 30, many years old 40, the sad story that the expect that 3 heroines with many years old of 50 very glamour encounter is less than, told about the teleplay of the disaccord homophonic between the husband and wife that seeks true love. Jiang Xinxiao – Chi Rongshan – Li Huishu is in ” marry compose of write words divorce 3 ” medium husband of many years old 30 sentences personate Shi Xianhe marital Shen Ruxin of many years old 40, and Shenru, attracted the line of sight of people. Above all, jiang Xinxiao passes teleplay ” interrogative is gotten the better of ” , ” make a holiday ” , ” 6 dragon flying Apsaras ” wait for much department work, obtained with the acting of lifelike reputably. Personate of ginger letter filial piety ” life-and-death music 3 ” sentence Shi Xianyi horn, the dog pooch that depicted ” acting stereoly to exceed Shuai Nan ” to show is beautiful every year male appearance. Jiang Xinxiao expresses: “Very glad to can give the work with act so good. Before missing successive senior those who give another kind of charm is make sentence Shi Xian on the expression of the part. ” complement again then: “Because the first season and the topic sex of the 2nd season are very big, so hope of the 3rd season also is met to get an audience people love, I will be shown sentence Shi Xian newly, hope authority is great expect. ” 1997 Mnet the 4th period the Chi Rongshan that makes public VJ of invite applications for a job to having a special path experience, because of the enthusiasm to acting, beating the door of teleplay and filmdom all the time, be chosen to be ” marry compose of write words divorce 3 ” Shenru believes one horn. Chi Rongshan conveyed him to go out perform impressions:” I am the first season and the faithful audience of the 2nd season, can make newly with Ren Chenghan’s writer now ” marry compose of write words divorce 3 ” meet with the audience, feel special honor. “He still says ” directs Wu Shangyuan to say ‘ the Shen Ruxin ‘ that your appearance is now, gave me courage, let me obtain self-confident ” , say frankly to be dropped a few loads to the first season with the 2nd season by a lot of a lot Shen Ruxin parts. “Before resembling 2 season are same, the 3rd season can experience greater pleasure and drain, hope authority is great expect and pay close attention to on Feburary 26 head sow ” . Finally personate ” marry compose of write words divorce 3 ” Jindongmei the Li Huishu of one horn is the veteran actor that gives 43 years, in the work force that gathers in diversiform work, li Huishu changes the Jindongmei of the body and new son Shenru are believed (Chi Rongshan) formed delicate concern, believe with Shenru not human relations female A beauty spread out antagonism, showed the strongest appeal. Li Huishu expresses:” Jin Dongmei of personate of golden treasure beautiful one part is very excellent, so I also can worry a bit, but arrive to blend in in teleplay, she is faithful at the part. “She is right audience people say:” I plan as usual, go all lengths perform good Jindongmei this part. Can a lot of interesting stories spread out, hope authority is great attention ” . Of this drama make just express:” Jiang Xinxiao, Chi Rongshan, Li Huishu will be in ” marry compose of write words divorce 3 ” in those who show extraordinary sentence Shi Xian, Shen Ruxin, Jindongmei, the firepower fuse in serving as drama became active ” , “The affiliation of 3 people will bring more powerful synergism and new chemical reaction ” . In addition, ” marry compose of write words divorce 3 ” will at 26 days of evening at 9 o’clock head sow. Brilliant entertainment reviews ★ 2PM Huang Can to fill drain cloth marriage is maiden first pregnant + the spouse is not actor + do not renew the contract with JYP simple red is in ★ actor get shape cancer diagnoses thyroid tit to already ended operation ★ in checkup regularly " sleeve red edge " ! Establish of ★ plain bright, Han Suxi goes out certainly perform theatrical work of network of OTT of musical subject matter ” why to come to my home ” men and women advocate ★ Jin Enshu returns to make + tall challenge avenges Song Hui to make consummate certainly

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