Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Work of happiness of beautiful of general trends Han is not received, with Piao Jiong establish performs romantic love drama to will be made public at next month together!

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Pass through work ” he what cannot defy ” , ” the name with me ” etc popular and Thespian, the actor Han Shao Xi that steps general trends pace gradually transmitted good about what do newly news again recently!

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7 days published Han drama this month ” SoundTrack#1 ” premonitory placard and the first prevue, the romantic teleplay that by actor Chinese hackberrya bright establish, Han Shaoxi acts the leading role jointly opened mysterious veil.

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Teleplay ” SoundTrack#1 ” it is teleplay of a romantic music, told about two men and womens that serve as 20 years of bosom friends to live below same eave after fortnight, the love music story of mood of the other side of understand one another.

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Plain bright establish and Han beautiful happiness will part photographer of personate new fighting spirit ” Han Shanyu ” the write words home that lives with effort ” Li Enxiu ” one horn, depict be in the relation between the leading role of male and female between love and friendship.

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The appearance appearance of the plain bright establish that open premonitory film presses a doorbell with appearing suddenly, appeared then: ” are we friendship or love? ” actor’s lines, caused an audience people curiosity.

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” SoundTrack#1 ” be by ” Wen Senzun of black path lawyer ” , ” become the man of king ” Jin Xi yuan director hold guide, ” elder, that lipstick does not besmear ” write of Cai allow playwrite, share 4 collection (every collect 20 ~ 30 minutes) , will make public through Disney+ at next month.

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Additionally Han Shaoxi also affirms with Piao Xujun collaboration is made newly ” capital biology ” , predict to broadcasted 2023.

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