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Original title: Most field of 2021 drama market returns screen movie industry eye: Thematic subject matter erupts, in break out of an encirclement of anthology of small cost drama Most screen movie industry analyses field of 2021 drama market to answer eye: Thematic subject matter erupts, in break out of an encirclement of anthology of small cost drama, high-quality goods is changed become entire industry consensus the drama market market 2021 is thematic subject matter a year when erupt centrally. No matter be to depict,arrive from found a party face of the aid that fight the United States a few years of extensive of grand history picture scroll ” glory and dream ” , during still showing new culture campaign, May 4th movement of 1919 to the Chinese Communist to build of young scene ” arousal time ” , or is to present what China helps deficient cause course up ” hill sea affection ” , thematic work realized public praise to close not only inspect ” double bumper harvest ” , still broke the age to encircle a layer truly, cause times resonance.

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But the drama market market 2021 also experienced not small challenge, discharge password is out of order, what actor of IP, discharge joins in is big make broadcast so that anticipate not as good as, and be affected wait a moment by evil doing actor. “Uncertainty ” became perforative keyword of years whole, just do not explode an uncertainty that be born, drama anthology arrives from calm archives on of the line among also was full of the pressure that expects hard. And this queasy environment also is forcing the industry returns to content to produce itself, the drama anthology industry this year continues to carry reduce an amount character. According to ” field of market of homebred 2021 drama considers to report ” , went up in all 2021 line 341 drama anthology, glide compared to the same period 16.6% , but in televise index, of anthology of high quality drama occupy than promoting somewhat.

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” sweep black storm ” ” the honor that you are me ” ” traitor ” pull before obtaining index of televise of year drama anthology 3 respectively; ” arousal time ” ” hill sea affection ” the fabaceous valve grading that anthology of two thematic drama takes below 9 minutes of above, say with its the audience was approbated thematic, be inferior to saying is had better story, good content buys sheet; Of the beginning of the year ” the land of country makes ” ” drive grants small Wu to make ” , year of end ” love is very delicate ” , also test and verify what make meticulously is medium small cost drama also can explode the energy that issues S+ class.

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In this year, the innovation, keyword that carrying still is development of market of teleplay of perforative our country character. Content iteration is optimized, subject matter innovation is quickened, explore new model form, use neologism state, the times expression that explores Chinese story also is the pursuit with teleplay assiduous creation all the time, the industry is greeted in shuffling quickly heavy model, newer, and the drama anthology vane 2022, also be in these change gradually clear.

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1, drama of subject matter of reality of thick Mo Chongcai of drama of hundred years theme shows found a party atmosphere of new era spirit from 2021 first ” arousal time ” begin, congratulatory Chinese Communist establishs thematic teleplay 10 years to be heated up continuously sow. According to not complete count, entire 2021 network each are big platform go up in all the line is thematic drama anthology more than 5, covered revolution, rural area, sweep black wait for many subject matter, average televise index amounts to the thematic subject matter that art favour announces 48.35, it serves to show its media heat, spend reputably reach watch those who spend is tall. For example ” arousal time ” in order to establish ” new young person ” for start, with what continue 6 years thought history, culture history, announce the history that the Chinese Communist establishs inevitable; ” sea cleans out sand ” with the development of the party a general name for arteries and veins is basis, announce the process that devotional force reveals ceaselessly; ” had crossed duck green river ” the tone with the of great momentum is panoramic type, epic kind of history picture scroll that presented surging forward with great momentum of the War to Resist Us Aggression and Aid Korea; These teleplay are answered with distinctive aesthetic and temperamental deep feeling look at hundred years history, announce the terrestrial correct path of hundred years China, inheritance red gene, promote mental pedigree, subject matter dig and artistic expression all reach new height.

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On subject matter dig, these work the station of the eye shot with the history, times the angle with people, undertook to thoughts engage in a battle wonderful video change and convey dramatically, with the society each encircle a layer especially youth deep feeling speaks, form span the heart of hundred years is resonant.

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Model in the character on, these work will be great narrative with common people narrative photograph is united in wedlock, individual nature is full, group resemble stereo and rich; Behaving formally, creation gimmick is more agile and multivariate, with ” narrative, times expresses the state ” artistic gimmick, the form such as the playlet that measures with small system, unit drama reviews a Chinese Communist hundred years struggling course.

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These work innovation art are conveyed, in limited space founding history insides information, enhanced what the theme creates to ponder over force, appeal and appeal. Can say, thought value and view and admire value double theatrical work of winning thematic subject matter, already became 2021 a kind of culture phenomenon that cannot ignore.

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Divide this beyond, teleplay of practical subject matter also had more diversiform expression 2021. Practical subject matter held times arteries and veins to move 2021, all-around the mental scene that panoramic type shows new era, modelled a batch of new artistic form successfully. For example ” hill sea affection ” ” country is so many charming ” ” sea of classics hill all previous ” collect waiting for drama, undertake diversification dig to same theme from different style, angle, district, get together the dot becomes an area, show new scene of new era new rural area, form the times picture scroll that deficient assault fortified positions and countryside revitalize.

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The teleplay that is subject matter with family and urbanism presents new model appearance. These work are broken through before the mode such as relation of focusing marriage, wife and mother, concern to Chinese type family deep, from Chinese of new era of depict of different point of view struggle and live. For instance the near future receives an official ” small quick home ” in tell about Liu Xiaomin while an acting border concerns, undertook fine fine depict to the love view of middleaged person again; ” Qiao Jia’s children ” in, the development of the growing line of individual destiny and tendency of the day line photograph links.

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Notable is, accompany China to walking along Taichun of recent group dance unprecedentedly to end, homebred teleplay also begins the global old practice of focusing Chinese. ” peaceful boat ” ” dust rich pulls front ” wait for drama to be setting with abroad aid, obtained the new breakthrough of teleplay of international subject matter, with concept of vivid community of destiny of mankind of artistic figure illuminate.

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2, it is more mature that teleplay type changes development more in break out of an encirclement of anthology of small cost drama, make year ” a dark horse ” 2021, it is more mature that the type of teleplay changes development, a few drama make the clue in high strenth install backside, it is ethos and the lasting theme that domestic national condition conceives, in network drama respect, through policy adjusting control and market option, pure net drama is mixed network head sows drama to leading change to promotion content character and outstanding value. Not only such, also had 2021 more in break out of an encirclement of anthology of small cost drama, make year ” a dark horse ” . Do not have discharge for example, join in without big IP, be judged to be B class ” drive grants small Wu to make ” the lung-power that fire gave S+ level; Year end a female group like drama ” love is very delicate ” received exceed expectant public praise to wait a moment.

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With ” small and beautiful ” celebrated network drama, also had new solution. It is to send force reality subject matter continuously, emerge in large numbers goes out ” sailing: When wind rises ” wait for focusing innovation to do poineering work the work that waits for a domain; ” the city barracks and the enclosing walls that you are me ” ” the honor that you are me ” wait for drama to change mode to change creation way, in former IP (intellectual property) highlight on the foundation right special alarm, the depict of the industry such as doctor, spaceflight, in love, ” sweet bestow favor on ” in the diversity that increases the life. 2 it is to continue subject matter of inference of deep ploughing suspense, it is under each big platform thrust, suspense drama formed certain dimensions and brand effect, it is besides the bizarre, gut that burns a brain, different level land blended in pair of society phenomena and problem think over.

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3 it is to historical culture the domain seeks a breakthrough, for instance ” the Luoyang since wind ” wait for archaic subject matter farther aggrandizement is right the build and feels character to culture pursuit of historical atmosphere. This kind of work views and admire a gender in pursuit while, exert oneself conveys culture consciousness, predict the person that will have more follow-up.

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Review annual, the public praise of homebred teleplay and consequence still are increasing significantly, high-quality goods is changed become entire industry consensus. But 2021 also is a year when be full of uncertainty, because external environment changes, the type of work, attention is spent etc changing, and changeless is, the ground floor that suffers the content that the audience likes to still cannot leave content to create is logistic: The making level that heart of good story base, whole body throws and the essence to the times have an insight into definitely.

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