Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Xiao Zhan ” that sea ” head road exposing to the sun is appeared, the cap resembles ” bear appears and disappear ” shaven head is powerful, army green coat is shown white At the beginning of good year 7 this day, not only a lot of common netizens had entered working station, xiao Zhan also received his new job. ” that sea in the dream ” official small gain one big early with respect to Guan Xuan battle array, xiao Zhan goes out to film now subsequently the picture of the spot also by exposure.

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Will look according to current message, ” that sea in the dream ” act the leading role by Xiao Zhan and Li Qin, still many are in in drama often the actor of look good as result of recieving praise appears, and director and playwrite are to make a person special to this teleplay be at ease more.

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Spread out as add of add of this teleplay land film, the modelling related Xiao Zhan also exposure. In light of the picture according to netizen exposure, xiao Zhan and person of staff member group will appoint film the ground is nodded, right now he has been the appearance of an actor of the Xiao Chunsheng in drama. Those who make a person impressive is the hat that wears on the head, and ” bear appears and disappear ” in the cap with powerful shaven head is very similar. Just mix the figure with strong bareheaded is completely different, xiao Zhan the figure of one face healthy atmosphere, sunshine is to let a person see he regards a top as the actual strength that flow more.

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Wear on the body that resemble battle army green coat, there still is small adornment before the bosom, look very fashionable. And army green coat also set off is worn he is whole the face is exceedingly fair and clear, it is the about of children of a courtyard completely. Must say, besides official exposure calm makeup outside illuminating, this first this modelling lets in appearing Xiao Zhan of exposure again really the appearance of an actor that everybody is to him inside special expected.

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Although do not pay close attention to more very much the netizen that drama encircles feels ” that sea in the dream ” natural resources is ordinary, but see playwrite, director and actor minor role people personal details, believe everybody already more and more be at ease Xiao Zhan’s eye. Even if resource is bad, but the work that has Xiao Zhan is good resource. Xiao Zhan can drive whole department teleplay to be paid close attention to extensively by right of his actual strength, had been very great success. Reader friends, how do you feel the Xiaochun that Xiao Zhan acts gives birth to the appearance of an actor? You expect this teleplay broadcast? Xiao Zhan ” that sea ” head road exposing to the sun is appeared, wear a hat strong like bareheaded, army green coat vogue is shown again white.

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