Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” day theatrical work ” wooden village develop challenge drama of green campus sports first, coach of ministry of boxing of personate high school Wooden village develop the teleplay that TV station of morning sun of certain main actor broadcasts since April ” 10 computation that lead to future (provisional) ” (Japanese name: Prospective へ の ト of ン of 10 カ ウ ( ) . The wooden village develop that has deduced the various profession part such as a person of extraordinary powers of inquisitor, air man, sword up to now, the coach in ministry of boxing of high school of the personate in drama one horn.

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This drama was told about set-to is reached in high school period 4 Lian Guan, be in an university however the hero tung Ze Xiangwu that boxing athletics must abandon because of a certain reason when 2 grade (wooden village develop adorn) . Begin after a series of bitter experience such as the decease that confronted a wife again in the life later abandonment it is OK to felt to die at any time. But, in the some day after crossing 45 years old, the proposal of the good friend that accepted high school times begins to hold the position of a coach in the boxing ministry of alma mater, changing students while, also begin to face up to oneself next display vigour… this drama is wooden village develop afterwards teleplay ” beside BG2 ~ convoy person ~ ” later separate 2 years main actor serials. Although ever gave the green campus theatrical work that has performed to broadcasted 1992 ” it is whose spirit away my heart ” (main actor: Wooden village develop, inside Tian Youji, monochromatic gauze flower) , but the campus drama that gives priority to with sports to wooden village still is challenged first. This drama playwrite will by wooden village develop of the main actor ” law politics hero ” Fu Tianjing holds the position of the playwrite of series, this also is 7 years are lain between to cooperate again when two people. This drama will remove the Mu Yao theater that will be in morning sun TV station and audience to meet in April 2022. Statement: This article is created by day amusement send out, reprint need give chapter and verse for!

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