Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: ” the city of time ” what hotspot is there? Jing Tian acting is marvellous, I admit to like Jing Tian have a reason Whether did everybody visit the town without time, the acting that the wonderful part of this play is Jing Tian and Xu Weizhou differentiates.

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What hotspot does the city of time have? Everybody listens to me to say one by one. Among them one of today is not very suffer the masses to like, jing Tian tells the truth, his acting is not very good, but also not be very poor. After the department cane small Gong Xiaohuo since Jing Tian personate, the deduction that he appeared to find his style.

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The Yan Zhichang that among them is Jing Tian compares the class on atmosphere, from Jing Tian the Shenyang pearl of personate can see, he is OK the sort of is in love with what the thing of the feeling in behaves is proper. Arrive again a tree of the personate of Jing Tian place later, it is there Si Teng and male advocate between arrive from give tit for tat later share future hand in hand. Also be worthy of is a satisfactory final result.

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The subject matter of the city that among them is time is subject matter of the Republic of China, it is everybody place familiar to the ear can of detailed, it is rich home anyway 2 hate dispute less with the love between ordinary girl. There are a lot of similar themes before can thinking of in that way, also be probably in the love story of the subject matter of the Republic of China that acts before Huang Xiaoming such!

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The among them holds a part mentality that may be Jing Tian promoted gradually many, after all age also is in promotion, jing Tian’s acting also is the adroitness that sends more.

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Jing Tian’s partner also is very give power, ” the city of time ” partner Xu Weizhou of Jing Tian also is small give birth to, do not say Xu Weizhou, who is everybody does not know? Light knows cheek, do not know who he is however? But also very effort. Actually, review this a few years, the acting of this two people meets what promote somewhat, after all recreational group is so small, compete so big, do you say? Do not promote acting to you can defy how so fierce part?

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The setting that is Jing Tian moreover has many after all powerful, it is actually be flattered by everybody big, after all family natural resources is so good, but hold in both hands again not fire, hard to avoid has bit of dazed deaf, mix namely actually like everybody. The city of time, do not know everybody to continue to chase after look, look carefully actually, makeup look of Jing Tian seems to be changed somewhat, it is eyebrow eye scrutiny while, very be able to bear or endure look, be worthy of is our big Jing Tian, while acting rises, yan Zhi also is rising.

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Its medium shot is sweet the room that has a choice obviously, but he or choice loved male advocate, because male advocate is halo very powerful? Also not be completely, basically be male advocate the right that also is worth to be loved. gut of alleged dog blood, male one male 2 like female advocate how to choose, let everybody see ” spend 1000 bone ” , numerous schoolboy likes move daughter advocate spend 1000 bone, numerous schoolgirl likes male one Bai Zi picture is same.

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Anyway, ” the city of time ” in broadcasting, everybody is not believed look with respect to the past, good theatrical work is not afraid of hole, good theatrical work is worth deliberate more. To this, how do you look? Whether do you understand to Jing Tian’s acting? Whether do you understand the setting with a few sweet scene?

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