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Original title: ” beautiful language is endowed with ” Qiao Xin goes out perform black lotus female advocate, rhythm is fast not set, gut is too acerbity bright There is drama of much ministry movie and TV to leave during the Spring Festival sow, green suspense drama ” flickering bright tiny spot ” perform shed love indefinitely, dark love the ceiling Zhang Mosen is too warm; The scene is comedic ” tile abandons all corners of the country ” , turn out in full force of heart cloud company and give package one after another; CCTV big play ” between the world ” the feeling that performs young common people to fall in times onrush… the quality of new theatrical work that the line on this year broadcasts has apparent promotion. Tecent is new those who broadcast is ancient occasionally drama ” beautiful language is endowed with ” quality is good also, rhythm is fast not set, black lotus female advocate peace the abdomen is black male advocate double A person is set, gut acerbity bright lets audience cannot help doing sth.

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” beautiful language is endowed with ” and ” know to deny knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” the place that has likeness, heroine is a daughter of medium be the concubine, because one’s previous experience encountered a variety of unjust, ” know to deny ” it is the rhythm that gave a name slow, ” beautiful language is endowed with ” as it happens is contrary, rhythm is gotten on for fly. Qiao Xin goes out perform heroine Qiu Yan, the daughter with small unripe concubine, one’s own mother is heavy male light female, affection of mother of place favour of lineal descent has to her shelter add. The first collect female advocate get married, bridegroom is doing obeisance to hall link on the spot cruel kill, the bride became a widow, husband home asks female advocate be buried alive with the dead, type of a married woman’s parents’ home is small, everybody persuades her dicey. Through female advocate Bei urges experience, the character that elaborated autumn home simply concerns, positional setting. Although autumn home is house after distinguished family, but after elderly gentleman decease, familial be in all the time downhill, old lady idea is cloudy firm is hot, uncle all the year round outer cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, 2 father (female advocate father) it is only in hold office at court 4 the member that taste G, 3 father and 4 father are sneaking. Female advocate out 2 rooms, one’s own mother is outside room, until be delivered of a son to just be received to enter government office to become small concubine, the son’s birth changed her destiny, female advocate the nice lady that mother of of lineal descent is be apt to of individual beautiful heart, right female advocate care has add.

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” know to deny ” Lan Zun of female Zhu Chengming from archaic the Confucian or feudal ethical code, sky of sit back and wait falls good the fate brings lovers together. ” beautiful language is endowed with ” female Zhu Qiuyan hates archaic ceremony law to the female manacle, initial stage is worth to the expectation of love not tall, just can comply with so parental life is married the congratulate home son of a feudal prince or high official that did not consult a face to element, bridegroom is cruel after killing, her destiny is accused by other palm, just let her produce my lot by me not by the idea of the day. Ming Lan is passive model female advocate, grandmother of sit back and wait, father is good to choose the fate brings lovers together, gu Tingye relies on calculate to marry her come home. Qiu Yan is active model player, after break off an engagement, grandmother should marry her flooey old fogey is done fill a room or sell a businessman to do small concubine her, her circumstances is forcing she must revolt. Xu Zhengxi goes out perform hero Liang Yi, house childe, a member that kindling sentences, the surface is marble outside actually cold inside hot. Men and women advocate for years little the hero when saves the United States, but more it is the acquaintance bosom friend in conclusion process, the mutual Battle of two top class black lotus.

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To ancient time marriage is another their reincarnation the woman, good marriage of good husband = . Autumn beautiful appearance is beautiful, quick-witted and intelligent, she should master active advantageous position of marriage. Qin Xuan is the object that capital woman collective adores, and he likes Qiu Yan fitly, female advocate develop green tea, the skill of white lotus, take firm of national husband firm held.

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Qiu Yan and Qiu Min of close little sister (daughter of of lineal descent) it is to contrast group. Daughter of be the concubine not comply with the Confucian or feudal ethical code, the hope goes against a day to change a life through his effort. Daughter of of lineal descent is the Confucian or feudal ethical code below ” successful case ” , sincerely abide by 3 from 4 heart, with the command follow sb’s lead of grandmother, report elder sister and outside male tryst, expose 4 aunt to steal Long Zhuaifeng. 4 madams master autumn home bloat Ning scandal, it seems that 2 madams are cruel kill also matter with her.

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Qiu Yan’s disposition, style does not accord with the code of conduct of archaic woman. Of Qiu Yan bold it is to build fall in the premise that has a pair of enlightened father and mother, housework of father not to be pooh-poohed but in one’s heart is very fond of a daughter, one’s previous experience of ancestry of Mu Shuxiang of of lineal descent, those who admire Qiu Yan is courageous and resolute, stubborn.

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Liu Ruilin goes out perform childe the Qin Dynasty to warmth, this part is similar to ” know to deny ” the Qi Xiaogong in as form of a address for an official or rich man, but he is not female after all advocate fine matchs.

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