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Original title: Qiao Chunyan conceals identity exposure, of Zhou Bingyi dead, she escapes hard implication ” between the world “

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Everybody is good I am the person that create formerly ” foolish brother says a shadow ” , ” between the world ” the Qiao Chunyan in drama and this picket marriage of Cao Debao, although space is not long, let a person however take delight in talking about, auger be engineered by meaning of nest incident hereat, this truly, the Qiao Chunyan with astute forceful, what should cover originally is Yu wood head not the Zhou Bingkun of have one’s ideas straightened out, how expect after seeing Cao Debao, feel this man although Zhou Bingkun of be not a patch on makes him enchanted, also be loath be able to pass however,

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Then the plan of this what has been done cannot be undone also was fulfilled, the person that thoroughlies cook a meal became Cao Debao from Zhou Bingkun however, actually all the time since, oneself fall the flower has feeling, running water is profitless, the bright mirror in Qiao Chunyan heart is clear about commonly, it is to know Zhou Bingkun does not have that meaning to oneself more, all the time since to Li Suhua adulatory, be not stem from those who do dry daughter is filial, no more than is to please the mother-in-law of this future, can transform in time target, it is Qiao Chunyan’s advantage, ginger great-grandfather fishs, the truth that the person that wish swallows the bait, more what be taken to hold by Chun Yan is proper,

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Photograph comparing comes down, cao Debao does it intentionally however instead, can marry the good luck that also is him to Qiao Chunyan above all, if not be Qiao Chunyan, the likelihood also is a street after Cao De Baori go up mix, this also can see from inside the dirty thing that does later, grasping move the pressure with friend not easily bullied wife, cao Debao is right Qiao Chunyan even if is enchanted, also cannot the pursuit Qiao Chunyan of brazenly, after all everybody knows Qiao Chunyan this is the wife that Zhou Bingkun books, ke Caode treasure this person spoken parts in an opera very shameless, otherwise also won’t first-class Zhou Bingkun goes, seize an opportunity kittenish before Qiao Chunyan,

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Gave after the event to pretend not to understand the Cao Debao of the state, look be like need everybody help sb to get over his worries, just was willing to marry Qiao Chunyan when daughter-in-law, there is many erratically only in the heart actually glad, person also in one’s hand, public opinion also does not have pressure, cao Debao’s petty trick is strong Chun Yan following tall is to match really, the Qiao Chunyan of early days is very congenial, can say to attract white by right of disposition even countless, without what the family supports culture setting and her, by right of scheming and artifice raised deputy place level, this also proved the actual strength of this woman, how lets what the person sobs finally is, her integrity in one’s old age is not protected, with Cao Debao because two people did not divide the qualification of the house, do not ask for finally to Zhou Bingyi, wrote black material to inform against Zhou Bingyi,

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The Qiao Chunyan of generation of acute hearing palpability, final by concupiscent becloud, although final week holds justice from card blameless, because get,can stimulate however, cancer of the stomach comes on how to long to leave the world too quickly, say from flank, qiao Zhiyan just is the murderer that killed Zhou Bingyi, this is black material resembles a sharp, it is killing Zhou Bingyi’s tool, this also is to expose to Lilliputian about of husband and wife without involuntary discharge of urine, to this, everybody how Where is look upon? The welcome comments on an area to leave a message to discuss together, those who thank everybody read, to my support composition chapter shoulds not be thank everybody to nod assist to encourage, we fall period more wonderful.

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