Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Plum peak new theatrical work ” do not be duped again ” kill blueness to build act again ” broken bits male ” body defect disturbance

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On January 29, coach by Gu Bingqi, peak of He Hong Shan, plum presents as leading role to act the leading role drama of city affection net ” do not be duped again ” Guan Xuan kills blueness, this drama tells about plum peak personate when Zhang Shuheng of red male star, with the playwrite of personate of He Hong Shan the love between Su Lizhi hates dispute…

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Gut brief introduction: Well-known screenwriter Su Li and when red actor your person admires the sweet marriage between Zhang Shuheng, be in however some day, su Li receives a faceless information, tell her Zhang Shuheng is off the rails, as ceaseless investigation, the target that Su Li discovers its are off the rails is his old boudoir honey actually. The in pairs that faces friendship and love is betrayed, su Li is extremely painful, the retaliation that began pair of husband and boudoir honey…

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Peak of plum of actor of person energy of life this act again ” broken bits male ” , also cause many heat to discuss. Be in what just sowed ” the dim light of night is dark when emerging ” in, he because personate scheming is very grave by hook and crook Fan Yunxi one horn is spoken by countless audiences, spit groove. When plum peak is being interviewed also ego spits groove, performing good villain in drama to be scolded also is the everybody affirmation to me.

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He what as modular outstanding, in recent years, its are shown in the work of movie and TV that sows in many heat the accomplishment as the actor, from ” silent not of language consider a young lady ” to ” the person that the rose goes ” , ” the dim light of night is dark when emerging ” , each his exam paper is quite satisfactory, acting also is in ceaseless progress. Treat each part to be enmeshed seriously, agree to make great efforts study, piece field and director actor are communicated, while professional competence progresses, also let everybody see he serves as the actor’s sincerity.

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Expect plum peak new theatrical work ” do not be duped again ” broadcast at an early date, wait to want to watch his show in drama not as good as, and make fun of with the adversary of heroine, whether can you be born another does hate making a person get the part of tooth itch? ~ of sit back and wait

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