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Original title: ” between the world ” Zhou Bingkun ” foolish the person is foolish blessing ” , the sweet love after be being sufferred from first is the sweetest! ” between the world ” Zhou Bingkun has two paragraphs of feeling to make fun of, one paragraph is the love of the Zheng Juan of personate of peach following abundant, one paragraph is the feeling of the Chun Yan that follows personate of yellow small bud, although week of grasping Kun Mune of personate of thunder favorable reply is pure, not good at expression, but two great beauties have to its favour add, express love actively to Zhou Bingkun.

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Nevertheless to Chun Yan show love actively, zhou Bingkun one’ses mind disturbed none however. Cannot accept Chun Yan to have two reasons, it is Chun Yan disposition is careless, feeling expresses too active enthusiasm, resemble a false boy same, for the word that uses Zhou Bingkun, never regard her as female, produce male and female feeling far from possibly so. The 2 disposition that are Chun Yan are too strong. Be in the Zhou Bingkun of weak power position in domesticity as a child, all the time since want to flounce off manacle cast off control, to Chun Yan so desire of this kind of control spends powerful woman, he is impossible to one’s mind disturbed. Although they had discussed the mother to let them become an act of charity eventually already, in the bottom of the heart that also has not touched Zhou Bingkun obdurate.

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To Zheng Juan, zhou Bingkun can say to fall in love at first sight. This kind falls in love at first sight is pair of Zheng beautiful appearance not only like, it is to build more in miserable to her destiny sympathize with a foundation to go up. Before meeting for the first time with Zheng Juan, zhou Bingkun beautifuls to Zheng the relation with Tu Zhijiang understands somewhat. After Tu Zhijiang is shot, zheng Juan’s life was immersed in extreme predicament to spirit from material, although Zheng beautifuls,appearance beauty is like an immortal also won’t somebody dare ask for trouble. But she encountered Zhou Bingkun, everything also had all possibilities.

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As the youngest son of Zhou Jia, have likewise on Zhou Bingkun body dare love to dare be hated, the warm blood that is happy to aid person ego and courage. Get along in what follow Zheng Juan in the process, miserable destiny of Zheng Juan aroused this kind of warm blood on his body, not only they give the help water take its natural course that a single cent or penny does not take every months Zheng Juan send living cost, it is in them the do sth without authorization after put in prison is done more advocate sell the bracelet that send the home child, the help Zheng beautiful that insists to do a favour not to leave behind a good reputation overshoots difficulty. And with Chun Yan not quite same, zheng Juan is a tender and understanding, amorous woman. In get along ceaselessly in the process, she arrives by beware of to Zhou Bingkun accredit, by appreciate like, arrive to be willing finally to be made with body photograph, prime cause is she looks very clearly to this man. She knows this is one has affection justice have the good man that take on, can marry such man to had been met for certain on happy life. But the identity that Zheng Juan knows very well him and family circumstances, even if oneself bear how old pressure and grievance, also not be willing the pressure of little of week of grasping elder brother. Because understand him to also be the Zheng of his consider so,beautiful just about, the timid and weak-willed that Zhou Bingkun just overcame pursuit love road to go up ceaselessly and cowardly, hearten Introduction Jiang Zhengjuan gives father to good friend, introduction finally, those who asked for the parent agree, also gained a good satisfactory final result finally for Zheng Juan for oneself.

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Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan’s love are to go through thick and thin together, the final result of cherish of bosom friend photograph. Although suffer from,the Zhou Bingkun that natural disposition wood slows encountered a destiny but the good luck that the Zheng Juan of beautiful goodness is him, but is you can not saying how again the good luck that Zheng Juan encounters him is Zheng Juan? After all, they go in together, went up too sweet happy life of the the dead. Under photograph comparing, the marriage of eldest brother Zhou Bingyi added too much politics element. During Culture Revolution, zhou Bingyi disregards political official career to affect, hold to He Dongmei to be united in wedlock together. But after Culture Revolution, after be reinstated of wintry plum parents, the family that the difference between two families derives ceaselessly contradicts and problem of husband and wife or the matrimony person that give them increased a lot of trouble, how to overcome these problems to make the biggest to emotive of husband and wife test.

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The emotional life of Chengdu of elder sister week more labyrinthian twist. It is age issue above all, feng Huacheng is bigger than Zhou Rong have 20 many years old, from inside teleplay the figure of two people can experience gap apparently. Still have even if the love that Zhou Rong becomes to follow Fenghua, not only oneself life gets very big drag in and influence, and implicative whole family is help sb to fulfill his wishes oneself love suffers be a burden on for years. Final this gave all love also is the fault pays after all, feng Huacheng later off the rails reach a divorce to explain again, their emotional base is not firm.

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Such looking, in 3 children of Home Zhou, although Zhou Bingkun is valued least of all, ergonomics all previous, love marriage elder sister of brother of be not a patch on, but actually he and Zheng Juan’s feeling just are most firm, also be most sweet, the love that the bosom friend loves each other is more long also.

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