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Original title: ” lens twin city ” sow attack sound, netizen: Discharge already made past type The lens twin city that acts the leading role by Li Yifeng recently leaves sowed, but also be to attack sound, and among them male advocate than female advocate the problem wants big, so called 4 big 3 small, what what ancient sword explodes overnight red, actually start is tall. But last year July 1 found a party that hundred years activity, participation actor one person an actor’s lines when, individual impressions, li Yifeng’s actor’s lines is pulled those who cross is apparent… next in recent years, so called transition, begin to act a few films and drama, public praise has had. The impressions that Dan Jingshuang city gives me is the impressional cent before was being pulled completely. Yes, all the time platform bans talk of minatory all corners of the country, it is platform is forcing act, this drama basically also leans plum discharge will carry, seem to also had had a play to have the groundless talk of the problem.

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Not be do not delay momently directly from a play staff wear play staff of lens twin city to leave directly pat. The ancient costume of a few months does not have the idea of thin body, control bodily form. And positive is too much the face swells, figure overstaffed. Yes, everybody constitution is different, big tall unapt bony, but true positive affects impressions. Mandible line of the elder brother is not lens of later period filter grinds a skin to leave to give those who destroyed greatly, passing 30 years old in fact is shape external form begin flabby wow. In every case takes the drive of bit of female appearance angst. Ask a little, when the actor that has speech right is knocking a contract, it is OK All matters ground falls to paperbacked. Than if a few star reject a kiss,making fun of. That actor asks Yuan Yin also is to be able to ask. Trashy Yuan Yin analyses train of thought with respect to two, difference of actor actor’s lines is made up for with dub, the actor is available life of amuse oneself of put together art does not have time personally dub completes work, the manner is perfunctory.

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The positive impressions of lens twin city is dub and actor performance cut apart, affect impressions badly. What dub actor handles affirmative meeting to have customarily in actor’s lines with the actor originally is different. Positive is experienced is the temperament that this piece of face is like is not this sound correspondence, dub imagines and perhaps performing the act with the actor correspondingly is not means of a processing. Say, a little male advocate vermicelli made from bean starch says to use dub is tonal problem, likelihood to become piece, xuan Huangu holds theatrical work, used dub. But my individual feels, cut apart so nowadays with its influence impressions, be inferior to drama appear to be attached most importance to with the actor, abandon one part perhaps be being moved to origianl work overflow those who wait for the temperament in other form to emphasize particularly on. In addition a few contemporary theatrical work are alleged ” good resource ” with Yuan Yin, an angle also can think of perfunctory ignored of the actor now and then.

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It is originally such, everyman also is such, good project good resource is met hollow idea goes doing. An actor, everyman, reality is not fairy tale can have all sorts of handicap but. But receive sodden drama to rot resource still can use a heart, use up itself complete oneself part. I feel this ability is the precious character that shows itself from busy masses. It is this times rare the precious money that lack. The actor is entered travel became long, was gotten on a lot of classes, begin the operation inside ripe harvesting circle, begin to do a few favor to safeguard a career to hit go all out, be a kind of adult grow. But a few middleaged actors that instantly can be remembered, those who point to is to do not have sale, the audience is approbated naturally, there is drop on which body, obdurate, the temperament of clumsy Chinese hackberrya.

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Too astute this, begin to consider circle impact, begin to consider show share wrestle to give prize, begin to consider the thing outside a lot of play, begin to emphasize particularly on an operation that performs a play to make an item, likelihood heart of gain and loss is too heavy the good work that contributes like nature itself very hard also. At my individual character, the expression of this drama did not accomplish play to rot the person does not rot, the position that actor part presents, the performance share inside actor portion, do not do an actor not to get a bit audience accusing, helping an actor scold a play staff to scold the degree of platform right-down. Yes, li Yifeng does not lack this one drama, there still are a lot of motion pictures from the back ” drama ” ” good resource ” ” good cake ” , it is discharge an actor that can choose can be encircled in transition. But from me this, always have bit of disappointment this. You say he acts ancient have occasionally take out act ” good cake ” the manner on a level. Very sensible still sentenced all contrail beforehand, take so be away on official business not to leave, passing acting; Play staff state also may not be special ideal, handed in almost with respect to the ass below slope next roll. One whole cater to discharge + of the mercantile thinking of the platform of IP lift conservatively.

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Very normal, but do not survive to not mad demon, awe-stricken all the more to acting in a play good actor, this instantly condition is poor after all at a heat. And, because starting point is not low, instantly also is in transition, more show a regret. “Receive bad resource, what head bend still cheats to do one’s best below extremely limited natural resources is dinkum go completing a part. Although had foretold finished product won’t be very good, the result that gain both honor and money or takes one part can have not quite, but still taking perform good resource equal energy performs. Press secretly a lot of bad moods, do not place to the front of the stage, although whole play staff is whole,the project cannot break down again, the actor breaks down instinctively after be not being accepted, still used up go making fun of with all one’s strength, the ability that exhausted the whole body goes the person keeps show, the processing that uses a few actors tries to make up for a play to install brought impressions.

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The actor that instantly behaves this too was short of. Tell from a meaning, the actor is division of history into periods, the elder photograph before mixing is compared. Surmount human instinct, make a few stand fast and try hard, the person of this kind of mood, this times was encountered too hard. Female advocate Chen Yuqi’s problem may be upper limit not tall. Crying is to be able to cry also can laugh, but act in a play more seem to jump over not self-confident, the spirit that does not have an actor more was enraged. The cleverest when the 9 princesses that are samite not ended, the resource look that the theatrical work that takes from the back gives relatively floret of the corresponding period has calculated those who had held out, but come out without break out of an encirclement apparently. The likelihood grows as the age, be become swollen without get fat very serious appearance, but collagen albumen prediction of a person’s luck in a given year, the eye shows a bit dash forward. There is bit of heroic spirit a little in numerous melting floret originally very god-given, but broke off top of the skull besides thunder now abrupt have one’s ideas straightened out, was like ending to also can be forecasted.

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Zheng job still also goes into original public praise, wu Sheng makes show of what quite help good opinion, seem to lack an opportunity only just. But be like this some fatter also. Do not cross the Yuan Yin of a Triton of the minnows in complete theatrical work, have an attitude at least. Female what the actor of 2 acts however is quite clever, lively person is set. More a few collect make fun of however the Liu Chang with not much portion has impression again. Most begin to know this individual, still accompany Anthony to spend the film of long years, next impression of temporary it doesn’t matter. Till last year accidental saw the role in two contemporary theatrical work, sudden sense is so old him gropingly, acting also is ground came out. This feeling is good.

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In actor of one caboodle youth, age of 86 years may compare a few even older a few years, but still do not have get fat to become swollen, the modern play in last year, a dozen eyes rectified individual essence to enrage a god to also hold out bright look in the past, perform a play at least the portion is a bit much male 3 male 4, current capacity is used quite. Actor, skin-deep and acting must protect an ability to go at least. Acting did not break through the position that raises Ga directly, that or a bit differential mug-up maintain an appearance. As a female, feel pretty is done. Woman actress, the person arrives middleaged the main actor scenario that takes high quality very hard. Although bureau of assemble of a few potential energy has a little bit better configuration theatrical work acts, top day life theatrical work, lian Zhouxun and his like also does not escape to cross gut of sentimental dog blood. But eye pulls a whole world, what exotic nation actress acts is the play of what connotation.

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Male actor at the same time professional career grows one cut than the female, in drama of domestic movie and TV ” good cake ” great majority is man sport. Put aside that to carry head resource to acting every day at the same time, circle of person arteries and veins holds round dance in the arms to wear, appeal much chance giving a point at the same time? Actress has bit of furrow exhausted state, that public feelings is blatant, the result does not have a few male because get fat becomes swollen fat, by the audience large-scale expeditionary. Zhong Hanliang and his like, marriage of concealed of one’s early years establishs a person to set, the meal that had outback market ten years, mandarin is rawish arrive tens of year consistent day, instantly is returned and the girl of twenties acts ancient occasionally. Huang Lei and his like, one’s early years appears 229 years old base course of study is hit, instantly is potbellied, lie in the condition on record of merits.

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A two department theatrical work act, with oneself the impressions in put together art is same, father taste is homiletic place a fair amount of confidence, still have bit of snobbish attitude, astute overdo, what performing is him actor, the glamour that feels a part very hard again. The person that cannot forget to establish yellow small hutch a long time is set, the result makes fabaceous part whole rawness, direct Dan Dan giving the Song Dynasty rectifies bromatoxism. We says, pu Xinnan cardinal number is too large, assume the actor that creates demand of pastime of dream, spirit, especially male actor, can control oneself relaxed and a bit more aspirant. When letting woman audience attention loosen, in a way can forget reality to be lost. With respect to the old-timer before considering the young actor that is now early to be inferior to a few years, can have each elegant demeanor each, temperamental eyes is admirable.

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Result instantly is 3 big lists this student, one year so Hai Haizhong carries so a few Xiaonian are light. The schoolgirl punchs a hole in the past, although the blind that nod a face did not remember a point, but on one when the schoolgirl says mostly ” good-looking ” . Sweep maly complete member, be stupefied is to be not carried give a facial feature decorous, dashing eyebrows star looks, temperament goes out carry. Condition is complete by instantly 449 years old of old-timer people the condition of young moment is ground pressure. Active Xiaonian is light, one whole break down to feel the actor has division of history into periods especially…

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