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Original title: Of 10 version ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” comparative, you may have not seen even the in part 1, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” 1990 films edition; Whole is pretty good, adapt to what origianl work had fixed rate. Gut is shown a bit general, but musical episode is very very classical strong, give a person really one kind laughs be proud of all corners of the country cheesy. One acoustical laugh has become the sea inside work of hall level music, tussle enrols type to have interest of all corners of the country very much inside, ling Huchong and small division younger sister choose horn to have bit of problem inside the feeling, complete piece most those who give prize is Zhang Xueyou.

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2, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” 2001 edition; Come on the stage from more than the sea a flock of person performance suddenly turn hostile let a person feel very Jing is colourful, that is big in should not shifting theatrical work more Changjiang Delta north, 1000 appearance the strange beautiful scenery of 100 condition, it is photography gimmick has been ground far merely press present one numerous teleplay, too miserable intense, died a lot of leading role, can you calculate the most miserable in golden commonplace work? The most interesting part or green Zhu Hangying are filled with the part that develops become attached to with Linghu. Tussle is put to now already bad to looked. There are a kind of loneliness and sadness ineffably after looking.

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3, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” 2013 edition; Although at the authorised edition ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” east indefectible adapt a woman, but the east that I like old Jon very much is indefectible, she and Linghu develop good knock, good be fed up with Ren Ying to be filled with. The actor makes a part, make a part vivid come over, the part also makes an actor, what this drama likes most is Oriental girl.

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4, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” 1992 films edition; No matter be the color that dub in background music or picture have a knight-errant very much, a very special and classic movie. But be proud to laughing of all corners of the country adapt bigger, like of gut not quite, it is a blemish in an otherwise perfect thing so. This established me to the knight-errant aesthetic, lin Qingxia is too beautiful. So old I read network novel, just be opposite in be pacified Oriental and indefectible meaning of Lin Qingxia is made the same score hard.

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5, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” 1984 edition; Zhou Runfa is quite handsome, but the Ling Huchong that act still needed a place cheesy. His acoustical pitch rises a bit terrible. Qi Meizhen is quite beautiful, sound resembling cold is same, but little the sort of sex appeal. The foolish of the marketplace gas that delivers elder brother and appreciably grow stout is enraged actually figure of pretty joint origianl work. Smooth point to save one person to kill one person reasonable, after all medicine is excessive and outspread the mankind is planted group.

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6, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” 2000 edition; The Ren Ying that Yuan Yong ceremony likes particularly when looking in those days is filled with, and thematic song is very Orphean, linghu does not come to appreciation. Age became old, feel to cast origianl work, pure will look as drama of a stage, also be very pretty good enjoyment. Itself of golden commonplace work also has a lot of unreasonable with flaw and one’s own wishful thinking. Stage edition demon changes also is one kind is unscrambled. At least, patted seriously acted seriously.

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7, ” Xin Xiaoao all corners of the country ” 2018 edition; The poorest laugh is proud all corners of the country, strong elder brother is too difficult, I am strong Yan Zhi also read Huo Na edition, and Ost it may not be a bad idea listens. This edition also too trifling matter, won’t pat was not patted. The confidence that where comes feels to you can be surmounted classical? Pick part optional, deduce optional, it is hot eye really, not dare a little a bit more serious, for fear that has been patted.

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8, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” 2000 edition; Modelling changes had changed, also be classical. Bubble surface head, be filled with the fishnet hairstyle knock that be filled with to be not moved, should have east travel notes is taken then change absolutely. Say, model essay fragrant although modelling is so whole that modelling resemble suddenly Qing Tong, but sheet says appearance is temperamental, she is my heart in most the one edition that is filled with like Ren Ying. Be together with Ling Huchong, it is weak qualitative fine, the girl of charming appearance soft beauty, but in an instant Liu Mei stands, fight cut down make a decision namely, astute and outstanding emperor tentativelies.

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9, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” 1985 edition; Why to make fox strong hair resembling henroost is same, does modelling division have enemy with the person? These fierce forest personages compare old, hold the post of our bank to often must stand flabby I fear he is met at any time sudden death, the skin on the face should split. Always feel to do not have Cp to feel with Ling Huchong. What also can say to compare Ren Xianqi only is good.

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10, ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” 1996 edition; Not only gut exceeds reductive origianl work, and actors are spent to horn holds lubriciously is a special skill really. The one edition that likes most. No matter be Ling Huchong or Ren Ying,be filled with, include small division younger sister, choose horny success, and acting is online. No matter spent much early youth, the Ling Huchong in impression is so cheesy alone however, every part inside is classical, have such actor very hard again later regrettablly only, do not have Jin Yong more such Great Master, gold years went.

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Of 10 version ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” comparative, you may have not seen even the in part!

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