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Original title: Is actress walk-on? The drama that take a network for ” rich eyeball ” , can ostentation figure This is article head is in what industry of movie and TV lets a hundred flowers blossom today, besides traditional TV program, ten billabong pat network film and network teleplay all right now, abbreviation is ” net drama ” , the quality of drama of these a few years of nets is higher and higher, for instance before one explodes red ” secret corner ” , this does not have star of big shop sign in ministry teleplay, can mix with outstanding play namely actors’ outstanding acting, became public praise and broadcast a quantity to explode the net drama beautiful of canopy is tasted.

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At present nevertheless the net also is the good and bad are intermingled in drama circle, have already ” secret corner ” with ” white night is chased after fierce ” this kind of an excellent work, also have a lot of acting boast and exaggerate and the net drama with very sodden gut, for instance a few war of resistance against aggression piece film, look to nod and let actress to add people more rich eyeball, the figure that can rely on their him ostentation only occasionally.

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The actress in drama of net of a few war of resistance against aggression has a few characteristics, that is Yan Zhiting tall figure is hot, and the sense that gives a person flush with anger of a kind of net, their acting not up to much, but have move daughter however advocate sowed habit, besides the figure in him ostentation before camera lens, it is a few more recumbent indescribable gut will undertake allude and brushing an edge, have at all not any professional but character.

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See these ” actress ” people wonderful performance, the level that must say director and playwrite is very low also, taking the net theatrical work with this kind of very low quality is won’t famous for certain, the has investor only probably fund that supports them to be patted, allegedly a lot of now patting the leading role of male and female of net drama is not simple walk-on actor, however rich 2 generation, their be willing to part with or use spends him Qian Lairang to perform, the public praise polarization of pardonable net drama is serious!

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The net play with what very poor quality has everybody seen? This is article rear

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