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Original title: Cannot the instant of retake: The Tang Dynasty monk cuddle is worn Guan Shiyin, buddha wears move army coat, 8 give up ride black donkey Cannot the instant of retake: The Tang Dynasty monk cuddle is worn Guan Shiyin, buddha wears move army coat, 8 give up ride the black donkey progress as science and technology, film contemporarily the method is more and more advanced also, also more and more producer appear, to the audience people brought a lot of classic work, the industry of movie and TV of our country also grows weller and weller. Gradually our work also moved toward international, and can obtain today such achievement, the effort with director of on one generation and actors cannot leave, laid a good foundation to us because of them just about, the performance experience before so we just can be drawn lessons from, break through somewhat on this industry. Although every year can a lot of new work and everybody meet, but those classic work, believe a lot of people cannot forget quite, and forever won’t outdated.

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” on the west travel notes ” it is classical that this writing can say made, believe a lot of people are having deep impression to it, it is the green memory of countless people, a lot of 90 hind be to look at this teleplay to be brought up. A lot of directors can choose work of a few movie and TV to undertake breaking up patting now, but a few classical instants are to cannot undertake answer of quarter, for example the Tang Dynasty monk cuddle is worn Guan Shiyin, Buddha is worn army coat, and 8 give up are riding black donkey to wait a moment, these classical camera lens, even if how to imitate again also show not marrow.

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The Tang Dynasty monk cuddle is worn Guan Shiyin is in this drama, person of Guan Shiyin that act is Zun Dabin, believe avalokitesvara of respecting of a lot of people these two words when, the metropolis in brain emerges Zun Dabin’s figure, those who see his consequence is big, and the avalokitesvara on a lot of market resembles now is the figure depict with him.

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Of the personate of left big Bin in drama very outstanding also, give a person the sense of a kind of celestial being really, and can look to come out between his forehead just gas, still have an amiable flavor. But have a piece of picture, very may much person had not looked, namely the Tang Dynasty the monk’s personate person cuddle is worn the photograph of teacher of left the top class in a kindergarten, two people are resting in arbor at that time, after seeing camera lens, close according to, and this piece of photograph also became unforgettable memory.

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Buddha wears move army coat in Budda of the Buddha in drama this part is attached most importance to especially should, every time when Sun Wu encounters a few cross for nothing, can seek the help of Buddha Budda, and the appearance of an actor in Budda of the Buddha in drama unusual also style.

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And part set is exceedingly fierce, invincible, do not have a person to be able to be hit so that cross him, with respect to Lian Sunwu sky is so fierce the mountain of the five fingers that also does not cross to cross him, he in drama is earnest and grave, and he in the life is very amiable however. Can look below this piece of photograph, he what wearing coat of a suit army is in and other actress group photo, a bit does not have frame.

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8 give up ride the pig in black donkey drama 8 give up this part also is to gave a person to leave very deep impression, fat fat abdomen, the big on both sides of fat fertilizer, really let a person very hard do not remember him, he in drama is made via regular meeting a few make the move that laugh, can saying is an audience people happy fountainhead.

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Not only such, he in the play staff also gives everybody to bring mirth via regular meeting, it is happy fruit of everybody, can look below this piece of photograph, the act person of 8 give up is riding the pig ass of a short-haired pelt, he in the picture looks very lovely, but have so one is done laugh.

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The act person of sanded monk in the sanded monk drama of unknown to public, although always be unknown to public, talk rarely, but also let a lot of audiences remember him, if do not have him, believe the Tang Dynasty a few people of monk go very hard also final. His composed disposition adds willingly bear the burden of office, those who harvested a lot of audiences love, during transit he always goes finally, carrying baggage, and the picture that he also left a piece to be not Chang Zhengui.

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The person that Sun Wu drinks water is Sun Wu sky next to act for nothing 6 small age child, this edition that can say his personate is very classical, and he is good for personate this part, also made a lot of effort.

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Filming clearance when, 6 small age Tong Zheng is drinking soda water, as it happens was caught by cinematograph this picture, and after this archives teleplay broadcasts, can surmount without the person 6 small age child this version, it is after all among mental view of a lot of people, sun Wu is for nothing 6 small age child.

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A few actors in drama are consummate really the figure in agreeing with drama, left a very classic work to us, and this play staff also left a lot of precious pictures, it is our collective memory, very precious.

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