Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: ” perfect companion ” receive an official complete a disband? I applaud for this 4 individual clap however Tonight ” perfect companion ” be about to receive an official. The line of the balance of the life was filled in gut, the measure of the marital issue that discusses. Among them, “Male strong female weak ” , ” female strong male weak ” the person sets with when all is entered and take the place of by force to feel, to the family division of labor and the development on management marriage are analysed, biting and do not break warmth. “SARS mom ” , ” Yo of type of bereft of one’s spouse ” , ” the choice in marriage and grow ” wait for a topic for discussion to arouse a masses successfully to be opposite of marriage and ego think.

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In drama, chen Shan of elite female lawyer, have the working maniac with bully biting gas to set. Gut leaves piece none laggard, placed real difficult position of Chen Shan the audience directly before: Year nearly 40, enter office 15 years cautious and conscientious, it is the gold lawyer with law place best outstanding achievement 5 years continuously, but she not only do not have a predestined relationship with senior partner, return so that face the pressure that competes with new personality. Outside duty field, chen Shan and marital Sun Lei are the husband and wife with photograph old partner, have the daughter with an ancient clever odd choice. Two people division of labor is clear, male advocate inside female advocate outside, can increase ceaselessly as intensity of Chen Shan job, the experience in the home breaks out incident, affection crack appears slowly between husband and wife.

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Another pair of husband and wife in drama are pair of edition of Chen Shan’s couple: Lin Qingkun of overbearing certificate business is responsible and outer dozen go all out, wu Min is in charge of photograph husband godchild as full-time madam. 2 people look be like perfect matrimony backside also is a problem heavily: At working Lin Qingkun flatter oneself is wife provided best life, but ignore wife affection demand, let marriage move toward fall to pieces step by step…

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Two paragraphs of two families, marriage, straight white report gives a common social issue: How should family and career balance ability won’t burst? Actually matrimony is two the individual’s battlefield, each other learn to partake just is triumphal key. Because occasionally, need is mainer than love. Look in them, carry the responsibility beyond build up front courtyard, give a spouse his backside, it is the most perfect marriage. Little imagine, in marriage, give aid to each other only, clear without division of labor. Marriage is a dining room that has two clerks only, mutual service just is the recipe that does business for a long time.

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Now Lei of Chen Shan grandson, these two pairs of husband and wife had learned Lin Qingkun Wu Min these, so these 4 heroes what choice will make? Be go before accompany again, respective still and well partake to go severally? Expect big final result their choice!

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