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Original title: ” floodgate bridge ” the capital contend of backside: International of Wu Jing that enter a peak draws attention

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Check of article | halcyon capital grade of Hu Nianchun section, thematic film is become again ” leading light ” . ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” again fight in the van, box-office be far ahead is other film, backside capital is become again win the home. Regard Spring Festival archives as box-office brunt, this film is directed by old paean, Xu Ke, Lin Chaoxian, those who present as leading role to act the leading role is apparent include Wu Jing, easy melt 1000 royal seal. Sit firmly this film of champion throne, what cast those representing capital? The bureau of motion picture of nation of Spring Festival archives with intense competition released data on Feburary 7, the New Year’s Eve came on January 31, 2022 on Feburary 6 at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year 6, booking office of our country film amounts to 6.035 billion yuan, obtain result of second of booking office of archives of shadow history Spring Festival. Among them, ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” with 2.528 billion yuan box-office achievement is gotten run, ” this killer is not quite sober ” , ” miraculous · stupid child ” , ” bear appears and disappear · return earth ” , ” the four seas ” and ” sharp-shooter ” list box-office a list of names posted up 2 reach 6. Movie theme covered many topics this year, involve war, history, comedic, gut, movement, animation. Be worth what carry is, ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” this film is long ferry lake ” continuation ” , still around Korea battlefield, told about 7 more formidable challenge encounters even soldiers on battlefield — in enemy of snipe of floodgate bridge accept a challenge. In the meantime, should bring into to think element: Because suffer this year,open to booking time epidemic situation of later, home comes loose the dot erupts wait for an influence to affect, may certain level affected film to open to booking. Manufacture the person has a strong lineup comb public data discovery, ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” much home manufactures person, include film of limited company of group of trade of movie of Beijing rich accept, 81 film studioes, an ancient name for China to distribute film of Inc. of film of finite liability company, China, Shanghai (group) limited company, Alibaba movie industry (Beijing) limited company, Beijing ascends peak international culture to transmit limited company, flower. Among them, big gold of it may be said of industry of rich accept movie advocate. Make public information to show, its are ” long ferry lake ” reach ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” advocate investment just is mixed advocate accuse square. Afore-mentioned manufacturing square in, chinese film, Shanghai film is A appear on the market company, industry of the movie in A is H appear on the market company. Actually, nod when those who be similar to Spring Festival archives is great, became the activator of afore-mentioned company share price. Have additionally shake phonic culture (Xiamen) 15 companies such as limited company, the combination that holds the position of this film manufactures square. What hidden is there ” big money capital ” ? Actually, ” floodgate bridge ” the capital of backside square, have a hotspot very much. One wins the home to be afraid greatly is Wu Jing. Here, everybody may feel he wins in remuneration, actually not just such. The film produces square in have one domestic name ascends peak international culture to transmit limited company for Beijing. The eye that seize a day is checked, this company controls a person actually is Wu Jing.

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Institute of as above plan is shown, wu Jing’s position is inspect thing, but its are benefited finally share is as high as 90% , the fact of be worthy of the name charges a person. Check additionally according to weather eye, wu Jing passes his 100% hold triumphant light (Shanghai) atelier of culture of movie and TV, undertake accusing to ascending peak international culture. In addition, another partner of culture of the international that enter a peak is Wu Yan, she opposes a scale 10% , hold the position of executive trustee and director post. If scrutiny, may discover ” incorrect interest ” . Of culture of the international that enter a peak hold square, be not Wu Jing Wu Yan, two afore-mentioned natural people are after just penetrating. Hold just be two atelier, it is respectively triumphant light (Shanghai) atelier of culture of movie and TV, haze coming back (Shanghai) culture atelier, two atelier are an individual solely invested. The data shows, atelier from legal attribute character is individual and industrial and commercial door, to individual and industrial and commercial door need not pay enterprise income tax, register formalities handy, manage rise opposite more agile. According to publishing a material, ” floodgate bridge ” rear may still one is benefited square, reside a behind the curtain with quite low-key attitude body. This is cat eye recreation, this platform enterprise has investment of content of movie and TV to make, announce hair and ticket Wu service, advertisement and derive the service of entire industry catenary that tastes a service, once participated in before manufacture ” hello, li Huanying ” , ” famous stand 10 thousand ” , ” fury · serious case ” inside film of much ministry key. Be worth what carry is, in archives of this second Spring Festival, cat eye recreation advocate distribute film ” this killer is not quite sober ” , ginseng transparency ” the four seas ” , ” bear appears and disappear ” . Accordingly, cat eye sends bibcock as movie ticket Wu and announce, can share from inside this thematic film a few cups of a thick soup, also make attention point. ※ this article achieves an article formerly for halcyon capital, did not obtain accredit to be not reprinted please.

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