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Original title: Explode makings: Old Jon, bring up Jing Dai , yang Ying, zhang Yi is sought, jiang Shu shadow, liu Kai power, lin Zhiling What key of Dai of 1. Ju Jing pleases is lighting engineer and film cutter, degree of her United States colour relies on these two post completely. 2. The desolate that bend Hunan public praise improves for a time now, for this he returned the propagandist company of backside to include a bright red package, have 7 digit allegedly.

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3.Angelababy now is cent of movie and TV gave Yue Kai about only, basically be to take resource, so flat the business that is in charge of her with respect to Rigushikai. 4. Zhang Yi seeks the near future to suffer Liu Hao to retain an influence quite deep, be being evaluated to his on the net at the beginning is not very friendly, thinking he is determined to want to hold Liu Hao in both hands to put is to follow an audience to work. But because these days winter abstruse the cause of the opening ceremony, the audience saw afresh again often seek child actual strength, think he is the big director of domestic count as one of the best really, spend to his good impression so also came up. He follows daughter Zhang Mo one case hold the film that guide ” sharp-shooter ” originally box-office achievement is not very ideal, but the audience is sought to Zhang Yi now love me, add ” sharp-shooter ” itself quality is excellent, the person that watchs this movie is much also rise. The netizen is right also the platoon before this film piece generated doubt, the cause because of the cinema ” sharp-shooter ” row piece either old early in the morning is a late night, this also is one of reasons of box-office achievement unfavorable. Zhang Yi is sought is a bit blind self-confidence really at the outset, the likelihood also is this film that cherishing the one heart at the beginning of the portion to pat, used so complete a battle array of new personality. This choice itself has huge risk, because do not have the main actor that carries booking office, also let film itself lose appeal power. Carry additionally is a lot of netizens realizing Liu Hao puts backside is a Zhang Yi is sought not just, it is a lot of circle are holding her in both hands together. Still have the sign of some film studio even, the director that she cooperates and producer have with this film studio more or less relation, a Zhang Yi seeks do sth over and over again not to give so big movement. 5. Easy melt 1000 royal seal the schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater 2022 is full, it is the film that guides greatly as before, old paean wants to make he and Chenfei Yu Yanshuang male now advocate film. 6. Liu Kai power is dropped went in money eye, looked for ex-wife to want not little alimony, such he is quite insatiable still, send a draft to spit groovy ex-wife to disregard the child everywhere, go seeing child one side not be willing repeatedly…

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1. ” the four seas ” forecast booking office already from 1.3 billion fall 500 million, piece just stamp his foot urgently. 2. Child antecedents not simple of Lin Zhiling, have use method of a few high-tech, she is right nevertheless this thing closely guard a secret, let others allude far from. 3. Of Wang Yibo and Chen Xiao ” fire glacial rain ” still must wait a moment again, this drama changed some of content again to cross careful, some actor’s lines want to be recorded afresh, show share of Chen Xiao also cutout was decreased a few. 4. The resource of movie and TV of river thin film is very pretty good, below the help of other in part, she can bring into contact with is very much on of the star make greatly, also have long-term cooperation with midday, noonday drama is met basically first consideration she, also be half resource Ga. Do not cross her become famous road is depend on is worn really the male friend of different period people have a good journey so downstream, have rarely when relying on oneself. Her current countryman is spent and audience predestined relationship is too poor, often be done not have by ridicule female advocate the life is carried do not move theatrical work, always still be by a few female deserve to grab limelight. Bound Hu Ge to acclaim actively in last few years however rarely, it is a few media or meeting only from time to time turn over this paragraph of amour heat leftover rice-say or do the same old thing. She calculates in the public praise in the circle pretty good, the demand with without what overmuch also bewitching is not made when taking sport, accept play and sale now a lot of less, the career begins rein in step, also want to got married to come down surely. 5. After Ruan Jingtian announces amour, song Zuer there sent a lot of connotation to connect draft, she and Ruan classics day still are troubled by very now deadlocked.

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Favour of 6. Chen Qiao won’t cook, it is before beside the staff member helps do a day of 3 meal, also do not have hungry move she. These two years, old Jon comes less inland works, major while is to follow boy friend be bored with to be together, two people are not to go out arrange a meal, it is the boy friend prepares food to be done to her personally. Friends hold out at leisure this recently, she is in the home group a bureau, cook food by hutch of boy friend palm completely, and she is drinking little alcoholic drink to supervise aside.

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