Thu. Aug 11th, 2022
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Original title: Han Han directs ” the four seas ” , were you understood? Direct by Han Han, liu Hao Ran, Liu Hao is put, the film that Shen Teng acts the leading role ” the four seas ” show, suffer an audience to expect with respect to equipment, be like tide reputably.

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Han Han is a director from author transition, have ” hind can not have period ” ” gallop life ” so outstanding masterpiece, ” the four seas ” as ” gallop life ” another master piece, natural equipment suffers an audience to expect. Wu Renyao of youth of film focusing small town, song of the week joyous eulogy of dreamy great city life and she coxcombical elder brother Zhou Huan 3 Everyman, give the old practice of battle for an inglorious motorcade. Although the part is ordinary, but also laugh at bit of frequency.

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In the film, wu Renyao knew Showta elder brother. A Showta elder brother has Ren Yao the relation of exceeding lofty or great, preparation begs him to come to human society with the fish out that move hare. Had received this Showta the has exceeding lofty or great concern with true elder brother, he builds Guangzhou tower, the relation of this exceeding lofty or great is to make him free the experience jumps building machine. Small town youth pursues a dream in realistic movie, dream to you can come true so easily really? The answer is very obvious, of course won’t.

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Movie ending accords with theorem of Chinese ink humble, common saying is, be afraid that what comes what. Ren Yao fears fire, the result is leaping Pearl River when appeared accident, be immersed in a sea of fire; Joyous eulogy fears water, the accident appears when the result is flying motorcycle, fall into water. Be like Han Han’s consistent cinema style, europe Henry ending lets ” the four seas ” ending is cared about already it is besides makings in reason, meaning letting a person still was not used up. Walk into a cinema to support together ” the four seas ” !

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