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Original title: First days sell a bill of 3 pieces of films only, fall stealthily after 6 days mirror, the solemn and stirring epitome of Chinese film The film ” Zhang Zhi hole ” gloomy wind up lets a person sob, first days sell a bill of 3 pieces of films only, fall stealthily after 6 days mirror, always a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera more than 2000 yuan, make the reduction with the most solemn and stirring throughout history of Chinese film market. Think originally recumbent calling card of this piece of culture kills all directions greatly, who ever wanted to fizzle out in ground of a variety of Chinese cabbage, painstaking and cultivated change dummy to eat the rhizome of Chinese goldthread, it is to be sufferred from again difficult character.

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Watch instead ” Zhang Zhi hole ” this film itself, undeserved really look? Of course not likely. Director 3 Chou Ping borrows ” Zhang Zhi hole ” have the honor to win Jin Lian of film festival of international of the 12nd Macao Hua Xinrui directs award, see film quality or passed, the film is film of type of biography of a character, very it’s hard to say has what commerce value and artistic value, most still is the esteem that directs pair of histories, to Zhang Zhi hole the esteem of its person, but small make up hole of Zhang Zhi of the esteem in my heart, I still need not go the cinema looks ” Zhang Zhi hole ” , this does not conflict.

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The Bug with the biggest motion picture, be defeated was in market appeal. Won’t cater to the film of the market, can be flooded by the market only finally. When snack is consumed, era is swept across and come, be like,culture inheritance becomes frivolous this, the recreational form of the film emerges in endlessly, this year, pack repeatedly became a knowledge. Gold and jade of course garrulous is defeated outside its among them really undeserved advocate, but the film is not one Zhang Bai board, absolutely empty of head of take in everything in a glance letting a person, watch instead ” Zhang Zhi hole ” its name, zhang Zhi hole regards the history of widely known as celebrity, how to use an use old bottles for new wine, how to let a person find everything new and fresh, became the issue that director and playwrite should ponder over most, the film divides a lot of kinds, you can go up in historical subject matter make an issue of, but the artistic value that does not forget the motion picture and view and admire a gender.

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Regard an impartial and incorruptible as film of decorous historical subject matter, 3 words export Zhang Zhi hole, word antrum is round, be without billows, already was washed out by the market above all. Just think, when ” hello, li Huanying ” incognito ” Li Huanying ” , still have the sort of regretful mild and indirect, taste that love and does not get? When ” the elder sister that brave the wind and waves ” incognito ” elder sister ” , won’t let a person all over the face black interrogation? Of course, change to ponder over direction, as the late Qing Mingchen of famous, zhang Zhi hole 3 words are best calling card, but at the same time, this also makes whole department film becomes unnatural, ollie gave choice, light without person flavour a suit, light consequence goes up to the sky directly namely, everybody is admired repeatedly inspect be disinclined to admire inspect. The director connects a feelings cent to be disinclined to earn, the expression of the market is backwater of course. Film itself is put in the problem, big environment also nots allow to ignore. Light history, weigh recreation, dilettante, break massiness, recreation to death, arrowy annals not change. As a whole, even if have a problem one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight, market oneself each half, hope 3 ugly directors can absorb experience.

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