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Original title: Does Zhang Jie thank graceful couple to jump really does sheet buy a house? The response came the asset of under one’s name of dish of a dish of husband and wife On Feburary 7, think of about starring Zhang Jie, Xie Na’s couple buys Shanghai first south residence house jumps however only implied meaning ferments on the net, “Star ” ” a person of extraordinary powers curtilage ” ” jump odd ” the attention that these keyword instants drew a netizen. On Feburary 8, xie Na’s couple entrusts office of Shanghai Randy’s attorney to release statement to say, ” Xie Na, Zhang Jie jumps odd, minatory intermediary affected new coronal ” the person that the information of one article is offerred ” Mr H ” concoctive in release fact, allude ” jump odd ” , ” minatory ” wait for false information to already was suspected of start a rumour slandering. And ” Mr H ” already was suspected of violating compasses, be patted secretly and release individual privacy to wait for behavior, violated its effigies authority, privacy right and reputation right badly. 20220208081031 62022577b78ef Sign up for the report before this according to international finance, on Feburary 7, house-agent ” Mr H ” express, oneself ever were Zhang Jie, Xie Na twice to take cause seeing a room with 22 days on June 21, 2019, latter with liking this buy no longer for the room. Soon after, “Mr H ” discover 2 people already contacted landlord Shanghai to think of under the counter with asset management center, bought this room source, with this escape big intermediary is expended. According to the information that afore-mentioned agent provide, what Zhang Jie, Xie Na buys room source to be think of south residence Dong Yuan 7 101 rooms. “Mr H ” say, thank what graceful couple takes a fancy to to think of south residence Dong Yuan 7 101 rooms, area 341.77 square metre, complete time 2010, price 62 million yuan, amount to unit price makes an appointment with one hundred and eighty-one thousand four hundred yuan. The personage inside course of study says, this is thought of south residence Dong Yuan 7 101 rooms already on December 14, 2019 the net is signed, the net signs the price 59.2 million yuan. With Shanghai market common 2% commission scale is calculated, intermediary of this flatlet source expends more than 1.18 million yuan. The Shanghai that printed on November 1, 2021 is praedial in register, the obligee of this building is limited company of medium of Chongqing joyful culture, thank enterprise of graceful under one’s name just about. 20220208081032 6202257806e9a Weather eye is checked show, this company held water in October 2019, the legal representative is Luo Zhengying, xie Na is held 99% hold the position of inspect thing, seem effective control person for doubt. Thank graceful under one’s name at present in all associated 13 companies, among them 8 are the condition that put add, include Xie Na (Shanghai) atelier of culture of movie and TV, Beijing is joyous model infinite trade limited company, all hold directly by Xie Na or hold a post to be in charge of high. Zhang Jie under one’s name is associated also have 11 companies, among them 6 are the condition that put add, include atelier of Zhang Jie medium of limited company of culture of movie and TV of ascendant of travel of Zhejiang Dong Yang, Shanghai to wait, zhang Jie all is partner. At present this matter still does not have final conclusion, intermediary expresses from personnel of course of study, this building also may not be exclusive room source, xie Na’s couple may be to pass the intermediary that fasten the home to buy. It is reported, jump to sheet points to vendee commonly or sell a person already with intermediary (company) signed open to booking confirmation, entrust beg buy an agreement or sell an agreement, intermediary company had been fulfilled according to the agreement provide exclusive resource information and make buyers and sellers see discuss with sb face to face talks etc promote trading obligation, one party of buying and selling or both sides for avoid or decrease to fulfil the obligation that expends to intermediary consign intermediary according to consultative agreement, jump over intermediary and the act that privately signs business contract. Lei Guoya of partner of office of attorney of Beijing Beijing division expresses, in reality, person selling a house can entrust to much home intermediary to hang out one’s shingle normally sell, if buy the home to expend lower, service through another intermediary,better intermediary facilitates trade, do not form jump odd. And although jump,only action is maintained by the court, intermediary is pressed ” confirmation seeing a room ” the standard advocates the person that buy a house recoups sum intermediary cost, be supported very hard also by sum. Upriver news is integrated

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