Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: The day will blame animal preexistence lover to exceed meeting hold up in May, ” gesticulation exceeding bud ” beg an interpreter The guitar hand of the day will hold colonel concurrently to blame animal in May (Wen Shangyi) will announce the daughter is chanted last year in September chant be born, he what stride novice pa still is fumbling with preexistence lover ” chant chant ” interactive, baby daughter every act lets him have full joyance, strange recently animal is in company group share chant chant tender according to, and her skill situation lets a netizen exclamation as a child hold up of good meeting.

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After strange animal will have a daughter last year in September, also do not hide the joyance when pa, often can be in company group bask in a daughter, strange recently animal basks in a daughter to chant chant while also pay a New Year call with vermicelli made from bean starch, the photograph is chanted mediumly chant than going out ” finger love ” , let blame animal to express ” my daughter compared a few gesticulation, can you help my interpreter? ” , still having a piece of picture is to chant chant the hand that clips father with both hands, strange animal expresses for fun: ” still seize Bai Ren to my empty-handed actually ” , did not think of to bask in what daughter warmth interacts to stick civil, let vermicelli made from bean starch leave advert to exceed 100 thousand people to press assist.

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Strange animal basks in a daughter to chant chanted photograph, make approach of glad of Peng Jiahui, bell, Chen Jiahua star friendly people also will leave a message ” very lovely ” , and vermicelli made from bean starch also is swarmed into leave a message ” should rock and roll to also want to compare love already ” , ” too lovely also, strange animal unplugs unplug the heart wanted to melt ” , ” the cherub of hand comparing love, was melted simply ” , , ” that gesticulation should be to should seize red bag ” , ” as a child hold up of good meeting, too lovely ” . 20220208081048 620225889c0fc

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