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Original title: Title of millions upon millions catastrophic Zuo derives article ” earthly renascence ” make dazzle look grand doomsday setting

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” earthly renascence ” play staff to make this piece doomsday tide picture, build a tremendous birdbath to rebuild muddy occasion.

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    ” earthly renascence ” the astronaut that looks for Zhan De of Ni of Nola moxa to present as leading role to act the leading role to take up the post of Wu to the earth. By ” after will passing tomorrow ” , ” 2012 ” the whole world is famous millions upon millions catastrophic title harding iron guides surprise in Luo Lan Ai Mo (Roland Emmerich) new piece ” earthly renascence ” (Tides) be known as rival ” involuntary discharge of urine falls war situation ” confluence ” interstellar effect, by ” Ahriman Gu Bao ” shock of the company that make is made, guide an audience to set foot on a paragraph of force that allows the science fiction that the person holds his breath, itinerary in more fill much office open-eyed labyrinthian, did not come to be between the beetle and the block distinctive world to a mankind. Complete piece through turn over Utopian world distinctly, show a colonialism, exploit, earthly plunder, climate molders, paternity is terminative, and the mankind lives inexorably the theme such as the volition, clearer show the mankind to be after climate is catastrophic to the audience, how from go up at all get used to brand-new ambient conditions. Er of fatigue of pood of producer humble benefit (Philipp Trauer) express: ” piece the lieutenant general has two survival group to be in contend each other, one party is the destiny community with high content of high civilization, technology, other one party is hunter and the primitive society of the person that collect, they had gotten used to bleak world live condition, develop continuously in the center. The film can not say Jiaohua ground look upon these themes, embed them however exciting with exciting live among the fight. ” setting focusing is in already run-down earth, a lot of land more the water of melt into stretch to the horizon and muddy. The play staff hopes to be in primitive marsh and muddy ground as far as possible to film formerly, but encounter a lot of difficulty however, wanting to film in natural groove guard especially is impossible task, this also lets cloth of Si Wo of Ma of another producer soup overcome (Thomas Wobke) feeling : ” we are forced to move atelier, rebuild over piece muddy, can let us flood them at will. We build a tremendous birdbath even, although the process is time-consuming arduous, but faultlessly control work environment, is not to allow to order about by nature. ” to let an actor group make a homework beforehand, leaving formally before patting 3 days, let everybody be in really primitive muddy in undertake rehearse. Philip recollects producer: ” the group becomes very adjacent inside the shortest time, real setting experience also lets us be contacted together really. Experience muddy exterior and feeling together, it is a very good thing. ” make besides setting intention, ” earthly renascence ” also seek the near future with ” main forces of live dead body ” accumulate famous Zhan De of spent Ni of Nola moxa (Nora Arnezeder) present as leading role to act the leading role, more obtain producer height admiration: ” she is us the about of the heroine in envisaging, had been enmeshed oneself completely between this part with very high demand. ” not only such, the play staff also searchs with album ” the song of ice and fire: Power play ” and the Yiengelei that is famous in the whole world (Iain Glen) part of explanation villain in drama, show disparate acting.

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