Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: ” mad extraterrestrial ” where be wildly after all? Why to have audience not buy it?

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Civil / archives of Guo Zeyu Spring Festival has two science fiction piece, one is ” roam about the earth ” , one is ” mad extraterrestrial ” . But go up in public praise, disparate however. But I insist to think, ” mad extraterrestrial ” finishing degree of respect to lead, you Sheng ” roam about the earth ” one prepare. The global palm that Ning Hao director highlighted on whole accuses force, story clue hyperbole, fantastic, contain satirize completely, and actually such Ning Hao, it is maturity, brillant Ning Hao, so immanent composed inside collect, difficulty more the multi-line that gets the better of Ning Hao director to be good at before is narrative.

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The film, it is the art about the person. The film — no matter be which kinds of type, subject matter, those who tell about is the person’s story, science fiction kind not exceptional also. Good science fiction movie, standard and ” good movie ” won’t have distinction. Mention science fiction, can think of vast universe, UFO, airship, outside astral biology, black hole, and a lot of the mystery that did not solve, but a film, final it is the story that tells a person, show about ” person ” think, all visual marvellous spectacle are to be this service. The development of method of film specially good effect can reveal the marvellous spectacle that can not imagine before (be like interstellar big fight) , but the art of taletelling and the basis that the technology just is a film. Say from this angle, production universe marvellous spectacle is easy, it is difficult to tell good story; It is easy to make cosmic big fight with computer specially good effect, the person is shown below baronial pattern of the universe (not be earthly mankind certainly) affection, destiny, and think, more difficult. ” strategic defense initiative ” , ” the hacker is Caesarean ” setting is baronial, ” this man comes from the earth ” , ” ET ” pattern choiceness, but possess adept taletelling skill without an other place.

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” mad extraterrestrial ” , make up, guide, act, make it is domestic top level entirely, the clue is complete, the structure is mature, as a comedy piece, used adroitly ” amlposition law ” make laugh at a dot, especially the gong and drum that be enslaved to be enslaved to of climax paragraph extraterrestrial makes fun of monkey to use, let a person remember Dimubaidu hold the master that guide ” Martian plays turn the earth ” . This film showed the level of motion picture of an eligible trade, still cover at the same time went up the appearance of science fiction, appeared thoroughly advocate achieved idea and requirement, not blindly augment setting pattern, in make a few population ” hard nucleus ” science fiction. This also may be partial audience be opposite an one of reasons of a disappointment, because film and Liu mother,glad origianl work has done not have any relations. But cast origianl work, return to film itself, this is a ground connection is made angrily. If must cry,go out ” the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of Chinese science fiction ” catchword, give ” mad extraterrestrial ” with ” ET ” same position. Do not know the condition of pair of public praise polarization, how does everybody look?

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