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Original title: ” between the world ” Zhou Nan is so outstanding however get killed abroad, final result is concrete too cruel heart “I am the active and optimistic person that create 10 elder sister, bring much angle high quality to analyse detail of movie and TV for everybody ” teleplay ” between the world ” heating up in sowing, this is one is worth fine fine savoured time feeling teleplay, begin to see a likelihood feel to be not had flatly strange, but fine fine taste the thing that knew a director to want expression however, ability understands this is a very high grade years theatrical work, so mix with current an audience echo for public praise, also be pretty good really, still have this theatrical work most of core is this generation person can the life of the person of the generation on understanding, a memory can be aroused to kill when to going up generation person is looking, so this drama still has resonance very much for whole.

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In this drama, of young actor choosing horn and acting is very wonderful, and this drama most those who make me impressive is Zhou Nan and Feng this part, can look reach the director picks part in this very discreet, what can say to these two people of junior period is special match. Among them Zhou Nan is brought up in the discrimination that he lives in others namely as a child for this part, to his one’s life experience, this is him what the heart cannot recount is painful.

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From the back, after these two people married, zhou Zhigang must ask Zheng Juan is the look unfamiliar in the home a child, because week of his elder brother is held to with and two people do not have wintry plum method is borne, and also made the plan that laying a child, so he asks that he must give birth to a son, although Zhou Rong has a daughter to call Feng , but the grandchildren that Feng is not Zhou Jia, it is grandson from beginning to end. Regret a little more or less in heart of a respectful form of address for an old person. To Home Zhou, to the old person, should pass after all ancestor receive era.

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Zheng Juan also very the Zhou Cong that remains finally to force, although Zhou Bingkun is right two children are very good, but be opposite actually in the Zhou Bingkun in origianl work because look to go up in Zheng Juan’s face,Zhou Nan also is only very just, how may straight-out photograph needs the one’s own flesh and blood that is his after all and hundred pairs is he good? Until from the back through moving frequently Zhou Nan never has to complain. And love in what convey pair of pa after oneself all the time, this momently he just knows so all the time dumb Zhou Nan regarded it as all the time the most serious person, from the back Zhou Bingkun also gradually regard Zhou Nan as oneself son is treated. Zhou Nan is the child of a special save worry, no matter be extraordinary on study try to make a good showing, never let parents had worried about, each division is very outstanding.

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But Zhou Bingkun of good times don’t last long because with Luo Shibin two people fight, bring about him to drop the building died, accordingly he also was taken away by 6 doors, the bagnio that was sentenced 12 years finally. The put in prison because of him at that time year produced a lot of change, when the appearance that once upon a time have been no longer when he comes back again. Take Zhou Nan for, he although achievement is very outstanding, but in emotional respect, he was to appear really a few problems, this problem is very serious. He liked to go up of oneself the Feng that express elder sister.

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Why does he like to go up oneself watch elder sister, the reason is very simple also, because there is a lot of on two their person,similar point has a key most, it is them one is nodded jointly, it is outcast person, although live beside family all the time, but the heart lacks safe sense from beginning to end, like to go up watch elder sister this issue is very sharp, everybody is witting from the back, because go abroad to just end,this paragraph of feeling also is. Although the issue is very serious, fortunately two people were not together, or consequence is unimaginable, zhou Nan went breathing out Buddha.

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Because his achievement is outstanding, and very assiduous, the grade that passes oneself still won sum scholarship, not only such, he still applied for to take the chance of school, so outstanding person is a person that has ability certainly, go up to the sky regrettablly treat the person that has ability not honest and kind. Just apply for to take school chance, next another bad news happened, he not only exceedingly good, and still be the good child that a blame often is ready to help others for a just cause, the school produced come out boldly of Zhou Nan of incident of one picket pop to help teacher and classmate held off bullet with his body, accordingly he lost his life.

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It is a groan really. The person that has talent so to Zhou Nan has not been a country to contribute, the ability that develops oneself lost young life. To the family be how old blow, and still face abroad such ending, really too cruel heart. And special also to him inequity. The article is the 10 individual notions that say movie and TV, those who thank everybody is careful read, oneself state: Picture origin network, the person that all copyright put in original creative work ‘s charge is all, if have,delete instantly, the welcome pays close attention to 10 say movie and TV, always one lets you feel very ~ of a place of strategic importance

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