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Original title: The 86 edition that die the earliest on the west travel notes actor, the one movement in play was become before dying true portraiture

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(snail looks swim on the west the 1577th period) civil / pulling snail to take a walk in the memory in the Chinese, the 86 edition that Yang Jie directs ” on the west travel notes ” it is absolutely what cannot surmount is classical. Classical birth, what come from Yang Jie to direct not only is serious, more the effort that comes from actors. According to snail understanding, to each part, yang Dao is close from choose, assess personally. For instance 6 small age child, yang Jie kisses comfortable good year 29 hurry to Zhejiang, through 6 age child recommend the serious assessment with her, just decide to let 6 small age child act Sun Wu sky this part. And actors arrived after the play staff, learn repeatedly, file each detail seriously, even if be to enact a supporting rule, also accomplish to the queen’s taste. However, because of a variety of reasons, ” on the west travel notes ” still stopped after taking an in part, and this stops very old. During this, many actors die in succession. For instance ” Jin Chi is presbyterial ” ” king mother empress or imperial concubine of the first rank ” … they fail when of continuation switch on the mobile phone, taking deep regret to leave the world.

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The actor that dies the earliest is the Wang Fengxia that acts iron fan princess, she is in when taking a play staff, already sicken, but overcome difficulty meticulous ground show, left classical picture to us. Wang Fengxia was born on December 5, 1955, the Han nationality, jilin saves actor of Beijing opera courtyard. Her from a child likes to sing, elementary school comes the school, province, city is represented during the middle school attend all sorts of shows, be rewarded for many times. Be graduated from institute of peony river normal school.

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Later, her ginseng performed opera film ” blaze hill ” (color) , produce a film of Changchun film studio, be seen accidentally by Yang Jie’s director, then the decision lets her give princess of fan performing iron this part. This moment, she has sufferred from actually went up breast cancer, but nobody knows she is insist to film in in spite of illness. Her mature acting, the collect Buddhist templeput on the brakes that modelled to be like a person to be like bewitching to be not bewitching, full bear a grudge to enrage again female. Film after ending, she is checked to the hospital, cancer had arrived metaphase. She died unfortunately on November 5, 1993, switch on the mobile phone to just went 7 years from 86 years.

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Wang Fengxia suffers from cancer to die, the fierce degree with painful cancer, become a doctor know, sometimes so painful that full ground rolls about, the means talent that must use medicaments to inject alleviates. In play, she is gotten into abdomen for nothing by Sun Wu, “So painful that full ground rolls about ” . Did not think of to be in the life, became the true portraiture before she dies however, make a person very distressed mix regretful. Wang Fengxia is 86 edition ” on the west travel notes ” the first person that the play staff dies, also be an actor that takes the most youngly. To greeting of older generation artist! Hearsay of a lot of all corners of the country, iron fan princess and too on old gentleman has shocking concern, palm-leaf fan is evidence. Be true? Head for ” snail looks swim on the west ” fair number, can you see relevant article ” which come to the fan of iron fan princess? The first owner is connected too on old gentleman dare be not offended “

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