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Original title: New edition ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” if Zhou Zhi chooses horn to provoke controversy, what the netizen thinks Gao Yuan is round is more classical Play staff of station of high round round approach films ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” , herself is very excited be directed to pointing to nose to scold however: “Gao Yuan is round, because your everybody cannot close,be versed in. ” this word gave tall round circle to note a blow and a shout-sharp warning, let her press muscularity to want to retreat group! Read tall one when, tall round circle was discovered to film by astral explore the 1st advertisement, obtain although recompense is not much, have 400 yuan only, opened to the girl with this appearance comely appearance however act art gate.

20220212201144 620814804f570

She filmed early or late the film ” love hemp is hot very hot ” , teleplay ” search to be not worn north ” ” we marry ” etc, using present word to say is resource absolutely good to explode. ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” when picking part, the director saw appearance is exactly like tall circle of Zhou Haimei, maintain go out by her perform new theatrical work in ” Zhou Zhi if ” . At that time, gu Jingwen also wants to if,perform Zhou Zhi, was overruled by the director, such, high round round first time walked into sweet station play staff, it is to perform hellion for the first time, her heart is exceedingly happy. Can pat a few days, tall round circle also laughed not to come out again, the rhythm of play staff of Hong Kong and Taiwan is very fast, basically be automation line, tall round circle suits very hard.

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Occasionally, walk along even want NG many times, the director couldn’t help really, round to Gao Yuan growl: “Gao Yuan is round, you know not to know, because your everybody does not have method knock off. ” tall round him circle also very break down, withdraw the opinion of the group via often can having, but she is emulative, do not be willing small talk abandons. She follows herself with respect to oneself stronger, change oneself film habit, catch up with hard the plan of the play staff, pressure arrives greatly appeared spot is bald, fortunately she has entered the most pleasant stage gradually. When drama broadcasts, tall round circle comes on the stage, white dress of a suit pink waves wave desire celestial being, the be ashamed of piteous He Jiao in the eyes, direct by ” apotheosis ” , the straight men and women that became widely known is magical. This edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” be liked by everybody, besides beauty of actor male Shuai Nv, yan Zhi is online, because gut is more reasonable also,return.

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Resemble if Zhou Zhi is black the part that spend, should be most the one edition of follow a rational line to do some work well, and Gao Yuan circle acts blackly to change, makeup look is not exaggerative, but the eyes went however, but originally piteous still be in, this ability lets an audience feel not abrupt. And of new edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” , allegedly Zhang Moji is like with Zhou Zhi ” bridal chamber ” , this is accepted a bit not know clearly, but, I did not spend money to look, do not grant to evaluate so.

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