Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

Original title: ” encounter empress · to hit imperial robe ” receive a baton ” Zhan Wancheng “ Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Yang) Beijing opera of Tianjin city youth is round ” China cloud theater ” the tradition that in the government small letter platform rolled out assemble of a person of academic or artistic distinction yesterday makes fun of greatly ” Zhan Wancheng ” . This show line of business all ready, civil and military pays equal attention to, the many profession such as collect Wu Sheng, beautiful face, female role, Wu Chou are the same as Tai Zhenghui, sing, read aloud, do, play the bridge paragraph wonderful confused is shown, revealed the artistic glamour of Beijing opera in the round. In drama, the Zhang Xiupo of Dong Yujie personate provides general temperament, fierce skit is sung character mentality change is developed incisively and vividly; The Cao Cao majesty of personate of Liu person of outstanding talent and crafty have both; Zou of Liu Shuyun personate is true and vivid; The skill of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad car of Shi Xiaoliang personate is strong and vigorous, those who reflected fierce ugly actor is masterly craft. It is reported, today ” China cloud theater ” still will act according to for the audience on Beijing opera ” encounter empress · to hit imperial robe ” . The graph is Dong Yujie personate piece embroider. Pang Jian of our newspaper reporter is photographed

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