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Original title: She is the prototype of the Zhao Min in leaning on Tian Tulong to write down, be regarded as to abandon after politics is allied child, final result is extremely miserable Those let the person’s unforgettable female star camera lens in film of respecting Hong Kong, that is Lin Qingxia undoubtedly drink, laugh of Zhu Yin, qiu Shuzhen feels card and Zhang Min’s equestrian eye. Up to now, tu Long leaning on a day is written down had been broken up to be patted a lot of times, but should say this part performs a Zhao Min most of afford for thought, that is Zhang Min certainly.

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Zhao Min is the daughter of king of Ru Yang of military forces generalissimo, in her at hand collected Wulingepa’s ace. A heroic spirit was taken again in her beauty, courage and insight also has resourcefulness, let a person can’t help if daydream has really so a woman, should be what appearance. Actually, zhao Min is having prototype in the history really, she also is the daughter of Ru Yang king really, wang Baobao’s little sister.

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She is called really become avalokitesvara slave, one’s previous experience and of the Zhao Min in leaning on Tian Tulong to write down exactly like, just be in that real history environment, she can be to raise the young lady in boudoir only. But although such, the life of avalokitesvara slave also is envy letting a person, she not anxious food and clothing, identity nobility, having the childhood of an envy making a person.

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But, having so deep extraction and a fierce elder brother, avalokitesvara slave is unalterable also oneself destiny. To Zhu Yuanzhang, wang Baobao is him mind a serious illness, if a day not Wang Baobao of summon sb to surrender, do not be free from anxiety with respect to a day in oneself heart. So, protect for king of summon sb to surrender, zhu Yuanzhang was to think way, soft all make forcedly, but do not have effect. Finally, zhu Yuanzhang thought of last roads.

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Avalokitesvara slave is to be put under house arrest to be in what become pawn mostly at that time, think of the Zhu Yuanzhang that will want to go to decide to let avalokitesvara slave marry his 2 sons bright red , hope to be able to borrow this to tell him Wang Baobao on one hand intended and allied, alleviate two relations, still hope to control Wang Baobao through controlling avalokitesvara slave on the other hand, and even whole north yuan. But, wang Baobao is before the country or the choice abandoned his little sister, as before not feel grateful.

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Zhu Yuanzhang does not have method, be forced to continue to confront each other with Wang Baobao, and avalokitesvara slave and bright red since already get married he also without giving thought to. But, avalokitesvara slave with bright red each other do not like the other side, was full of inimical psychology to this marriage even. Then, bright red sent other place imprison avalokitesvara slave rise, it is an eye not to see the heart is not irritated, this one imprison is 30 years. Who cannot avalokitesvara slave blame, one’s previous experience at such family, it is lucky also be unfortunate.

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But this still is not the most miserable, if let avalokitesvara slave,be over too with respect to a such people this lifetime is not bad also. But, everybody did not think of the order of bright red is small, drive before Zhu Yuanzhang to die, looking at oneself son to die also is sad in Zhu Yuanzhang heart, let the wife concubine be buried alive with the dead of bright red , and avalokitesvara slave although by imprison 30 years, but the madam that bright red still is on name, also was calculated to be in the team of be buried alive with the dead so.

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