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Original title: Piao Minying and small 8 years old of Song Jiang cooperate, modelling of news briefing of new theatrical work grabs lens, sister younger brother loves gut nice aspect Speak of Piao Minying, this Han drama is become red heroine is the goddess in a lot of popular feeling all the time, she once was in ” urban hunter ” , ” golden secretary why such ” drama waiting for Han is having wonderful show. Melting appearance, qing Chun’s temperament, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient between send out attractive glamour, the vermicelli made from bean starch that likes her special.

20220212233322 620843c211d87

Recently, piao Minying and small Song Jiang of Korea young actor cooperates new theatrical work ” the people of weather office ” , this drama decides archives Feburary 12, a lot of netizens special expect. When two people show scene of news briefing of body new theatrical work, lying between screen to be able to experience full CP to feel, the station is together very ascend right.

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See Piao Minying wears black knitting dress only, the clavicular line with old fine show, dish the temperament of grace restoring ancient ways her showed hair modelling to come out well, obviously already Piao Minying of 35 years old these year years trace is without on the face, the young girl that resembles 25 years old as before it seems that, eyebrow eye is picturesque, the frown and smile reveals unique feminine flavor.

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Song Jiang of 27 years old is wearing handsome business suit, give a person a kind of energy 4 ejaculation feelings, although on fame not as good as Piao Minying, but the Korea actor that also is the Cenozoic Era, be in ” he what cannot defy ” in performance is very strong, besides, song Jiang still is a compere, can saying is the young actor that Yan Zhi and talent have both.

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Although Piao Minying and Song Jiang are first time collaboration, although Piao Minying is controlled 8 years old greatly than Song Jiang, but two people show body news briefing to have a kind of ineffable CP feeling, be being returned from height, Yan Zhi no matter is temperamental for very suit, believe new theatrical work ” the people of weather office ” can bring the sense that find everything new and fresh to the audience.

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In this drama, piao Minying, Song Jiang will deduce a paragraph with the identity of weather office white-collars paragraph of distinctive city love story, must say this kind of subject matter or pretty are novel, weather itself is unpredicatable, more elusory than weather is the love play code of leading role of the men and women in play.

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Although be the first time cooperate, but the sister younger brother that Piao Minying and Song Jiang differ this pair 8 years old loves gut to invite person the higher authorities, piao Minying’s acting is beyond question, before there is melting one side already in work of her movie and TV, also have the one side of drive elder sister, all sorts of styles can control easily, acting is adept and natural, when red heroine as Han drama the person is enraged all the time very tall.

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In news briefing spot, long skirt of cultivate one’s morality of this body black wears Piao Minying very to have savour, developed perfect lumbar line, look give these year, piao Minying comparatives self-discipline, this side runs in the figure very attentively, this black long skirt shows her grace and expensive spirit incisively and vividly, face camera lens self-confidence easy, flaring up and down all over endless ray.

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In new theatrical work ” the people of weather office ” in, piao Minying acts spell able and rigorous city white-collar this, in disposition, wear build, each respect such as hairstyle has very much spell able the temperament of female strong person, can saying is queen of nerval of take up of the hour in whole scene office.

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And river of hero the Song Dynasty and Piao Minying compare the nature that having polarity, look be like cynical, actually heart special careful, two formation contrast bud also are the one big hotspot of this drama, the vermicelli made from bean starch that likes the theatrical work that chase after Han people can brush rose.

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