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Original title: Why is Ming Lan married Gu Tingye? Shallow analyse ” know to deny ” 3 kinds of different marriage types Of Internet develop, let us can see play of more movie and TV, of Internet gain ground, more the view that allows us is widened doubly because of drama of movie and TV. Generally speaking, see work of a movie and TV when us, because of the infection of certain circumstances in drama, everybody can have his view shadow experience. And shadow of this kind of view is experienced, what because the life of everybody is experienced,also meet is different and existence difference, we need not reduce this differentia different painstakingly, because had this differentia other, just make a criticism more open, had the soil of communication. What a work of good movie and TV needs is everybody each collect is located, develop integrated ability to enjoy work, at the same time the face shows the lush work to come out to offer others now, let us know a work more, achieve the goal of open eye shot then.

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This, of OK and referenced Zhao Liying and main actor of peak of Feng carry on ” know to deny? Know to deny? Should be green manure red thin ” . ” know to deny ” it is a work of movie and TV that is subject matter with domestic marriage, involve in drama, all sorts of different marriage types, have the following kinds probably. 1. Luo Mandi overcomes the marriage of type.

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Fill a 5 girls, low marry be like orchid it is the happiest, do not have Ming Lan visit government office those intrigue against each other, the husband that also does not have Mo Lan spends a heart that kind, it is mother-in-law artful at most a few, but the most important, be have mutual affinity with the husband. In big ending, if Lan Duan sits,make tea, marital companionship shakes for its beside fan fan wind, for fear that its are tired, although be like orchid marriage is mention lightly only in drama, but it is the best however, the most romantic.

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It is the Wen Yanjing that makes Mo Lan originally, however He Rulan falls in love at first sight, yue of two affection photograph. This is one kind is premise with love, very the marriage that Luo Mandi overcomes.

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2. is manipulative the marriage that is dominant. Female in marriage in choose idol, the manipulative choice below rational creed, meeting the appearance from the other side, career, gold, and prospective plasticity comes judge. This is normal human feelings, human nature makes like that, do not pass normally again. Fill a 4 girls, mo Lan in marriage in choose idol, more with manipulative for dominant, mo Lan takes a fancy to Liang Han, not be Liang Han this individual, however his gold and identity. If be like orchid what marriage represents is the romance below perceptual creed, so the utility that Mo Lan’s marriage is reason. No matter be the romance below sensibility, still be rational utility, this is both the cent that does not have pair of faults, the failure of marriage of Chinese ink orchid, because she is too rational,not be, however Mo Lan harbors evil intentions.

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The marriage below kidnap of 3. traditional viewpoint of value. ” know to deny ” the abruptest gut, it is to did not allude why is Ming Lan married Gu Tingye.

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On excusing Yang Jiang, roving bandits arms is random, still palace changes, gu Tingye saves Guo Minglan, after the event still is renown section consider of Ming Lan, not job make public. Still have it is when Ming Lan is 8 years old, its mother protects young woman difficult labor, gu Tingye looks for doctor for Ming Lan. Gu Tingye looks be like cloddish, but nature fine be apt to, a lot of to Ming Lan help, although whole Tokyo city says Gu Tingye how blamed, ming Lan appreciates Gu Tingye from beginning to end.

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Gu Tingye goes to Ming Lan to marry later, cost uses up idea, asperse next cover extremely big net. the Ming Lan to be not being waited for to see as a child, gu Tingye behaves this kind Rangminglan is touched very much, but touch return touch, not be the reason that marries a person. So Ming Lan rejected Gu Tingye. Consider polo of have the aid of of bright of the court of a feudal ruler to surpass finally, in lakefront Xiang Minglan an affectionate confess, ming Lancai promises to be married Gu Tingye.

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Be like orchid marry Wen Yanjing, because fall in love at first sight,be, yue of two affection photograph, be it is premise in order to love; Mo Lan is married Liang Han, because vie,be, want to be married rich and powerful family. And why is Ming Lan married Gu Tingye? Using an actor’s lines in drama to explain is the most appropriate did not pass, in the 32nd collect, because Mo Lan steals evil be related, old a polite form of address for a young woman goes to bridge home talking about a marriage, but Liang Jiadi gives Yao Minglan to also be married come over to be a condition. The old lady does not agree, ming Lan also says he is not married, dan Hualan says, “Which have the girl not to marry a person ” .

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Ming Lan is married Gu Tingye, the audience feels follow a rational line to do some work well, this is us probably those who think traditional viewpoint of value is medium ” female should marry greatly ” it is perfectly justified, this is an establish in our in one’s heart, a kind of culture system that you believe thoroughly, be arrive from involuntary level conscious behavior solidify.

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