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Original title: Ni of 31 years old of Zhang Jia performs mother of red closing dawn, guan Xiaotong face is mocked without expression, shenyang Teng Youga blows acting Broadcasted last night ” ace is right ace ” can saying is memory full, return meet again of play staff of bead division division, fine meet with old Buddha setting is more fetching weep, answer in program series nevertheless put ” return Zhugege ” when memory, in drama main character almost all gives off extract, however only alone little Jin Suo’s picture, stage of it seems Zhejiang or very abstain from of this kind of actor.

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Between this program, ni of Wu Jin character, Su Qing, Guan Xiaotong, Zhang Jia, Wang Yan is returned oh the classical part that spent ancient costume to reproduce drama of movie and TV. Su Qing of Wu Jin make peace was deduced afresh ” in July with still ” in the center, two sisters make fun of that in what the bathroom makes a noise greatly. The acting of Wu Jin character gets dispute fully all the time, and between this extemporaneous show, wu Jin character also fails to prove his actual strength, tear hustle very long just had eventually. Instead is Su Qing this elder is taking Wu Jin all the time how does character perform this play go down.

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The Guan Xiaotong of across and condition of Zhang Jia Ni also are not very good, they want those who act to go out is ” nice gentleman ” in the setting that mother and daughter meets, it is one paragraph has the show share of some of conflict a little. Apropos this extract closes Xiao Tong to go out namely those who act, what the praise Guan Xiaotong that after Gu Ling sees, drama cannot help acts one paragraph this is really good, and Shen Teng is to be in more aside Ga is blown perform acting blast to crack, each other of this kind of commerce is blown also is to let person laugh do not rise, some are awkward.

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Go out with ancient costume in this perform the setting that meets at the beginning of mother and daughter in the center, zhang Jia Ni resides what want personate like that is Guan Xiaotong’s mother, although Zhang Jia Ni has gone out fast 13 years, but at present Zhang Jia Ni still has 31 years old only, and she once gave the role that perform is heroine mostly, either young lady of a thousand pieces of gold is female bosom friend, it is piece act ” Yan Xi strategy ” in the center suitable a concubine of an emperor, age also is not very big. Those who want personate 21 years old to close Xiao Tong is in this among program of put together art mother, this kind of circumstance also is Zhang Jia Ni probably the first meet unexpectedly. So extemporaneous at the beginning performance when, zhang Jia Ni also did not enter state quickly, be the person that has performed many ancient costume play after all nevertheless, oneself position is adjusted after Zhang Jia Ni.

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And the closes Xiao Tong this ancient costume of across goes out acting is not very good, behavioral bearing is larger and go talking slant to be enraged forcedly, do not have archaic person’s due appearance completely. Especially when gut expands second half share, the Zhang Jia Ni that enters state is to be ground directly on acting press Guan Xiaotong. No matter be,go up from the degree of emotional apply colours to a drawing, still be oneself the play of extemporaneous performance, guan Xiaotong is dead dead suppress be givinged by Zhang Jia Ni lived. In play of one part feeling, guan Xiaotong is the face does not have expression all the time, also differ really because of the acting that be mocked.

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And after this setting acts, gu Ling and Shen Teng begin Ga to blew blast of this play acting to crack again. Be in actually ” nice gentleman ” among this contemporary theatrical work, guan Xiaotong’s acting is very pretty good still, closing Xiao Tong after all is Tong Xing go out, and there still is the person such as Sun Gonglei to be being taken in drama. But a few plays that picking subsequently, guan Xiaotong is the acting that removes good not easy scrape up however get completely to waste, go out with male friendly Lu Han especially those who act ” sweetness is cruel attack ” , be judged to be one of theatrical work of year dog blood by the netizen.

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The actor still is the exercises his acting that has been close friends, run in disorder between program of this kind of put together art everywhere, was finalized the design very easily, this one season did not attend Sun Gonglei ” the limit is challenged ” , because because,its Central Plains also is this

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