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Original title: Father of mother of 10 years old of funeral sells blood to go to school for him, had taken theatrical work of 5 gold commonplace, by ” Xin Yitian ” break up red New edition ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” sowing in heat, although this new personality actor not quite suffer a netizen to wait for see, but old actor was to bring a netizen a lot of surprises however, for instance poplar the personate of Xiao person Lin Yu explain, for instance the person that Jin Maoshi king thanks the personate of abdicate blacks mole, sunspot can perform Xie Xun so give prize, because he and the life that thank abdicate to have likeness are experienced,be actually.

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At the outset ” Xin Yitian ” when coming out, a lot of people do not value this drama, especially Zhang Cuishan too too fat make a netizen unripe irritated, but after king of golden wool lion thanks abdicate to come out, rescued many because of this Zhang Cuishan’s broken drama public praise. Xie Xun is on exterior special the depict that accords with origianl work, and his acting is good to do not have a word to say, let a person be not carried almost piece any illness. The netizen says, most those who let him touch is, when Zhang Moji is born, xie Xun holds him in both hands in the hand, that innocent and bright smile that shows on the face. This laughs at explanation to get too reached the designated position, the actor of force of the work that do not have a dot still acts not to come out really. And because Xie Xun is small when cannot remember a pithy formula without avoid and hitting him, get angry to feel distressed again already anxious psychological activity, also be explanation gets incisively and vividly. A lot of netizens say this theatrical work most those who give prize is poplar Xiao, thank abdicate actually special also give prize, just he old blind, not poplar Xiao the sort of what be worth prime of life is handsome stopped with spirit.

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Personate thanks the actor of abdicate to be called sunspot, nevertheless sunspot is his stage name only, not be his true name, his true name Zhang Yonggang. Actually Zhang Yonggang is not to perform golden commonplace theatrical work for the first time any more, in fact, ” Xin Yitian ” the drama of the 5th Jin Yong that is him. Zhang Yonggang ever acted the leading role in Ren Xianqi ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in personate Huo Dou; Act the leading role in old Jon ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” in personate holds the post of our bank; Ever acted the leading role in Chen Xiao ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” in division of state of personate Jin Lun; Ever acted the leading role in Li Yitong ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” in personate Ou Yangfeng. Had performed the outback actor of drama of commonplace of so much gold so like Zhang Yonggang, not much really still.

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” Xin Yitian ” the fellow that medium Xie Xun is twist of a destiny, originally he is bright those who teach 4 protect a law greatly, be used by Chengkun however, everywhere excessive kills heroic brave man, with whole fierce Lin Weidi. Good later took massacre dragon knife not easily, be pricked by Yan Susu however blind double eye, again another person lives on Gu island later, it is companion with loneliness, when Zhang Moji and Zhao Min their pick up he when, he is already a lot of older, xie Xun is a poor person really. Actually the life experience of actor Zhang Yonggang does not compare have an easy time thanking abdicate.

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Zhang Yonggang is the child of a very bitter life, his one’s previous experience is in the country of a poor family, his mothers died, he and father depend on each other. He wants to perform Beijing opera again in those days, but father does not agree, he admits however followed this direction, father is unable to dissuade him, can send him to went up only play school. Read to offer him, the father that does not have money can sell blood only! Feel distressed abandon oneself for child old father.

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The other classmate condition in play school mostly pretty good, zhang Yonggang’s poor and they appear antipathetic, sharp contrast aroused his proper pride, also aroused him to want the resolution of stand out. He everyday assiduously diligent study, try hard than all classmates. To learn time of handed from the master directly, zhang Yonggang nots hesitate even climb ceiling eavesdrop. After play school graduates, somebody found Zhang Yonggang, say to be able to help him give record, zhang Yonggang also likes to sing quite originally, and he feels this is an opportunity, so with respect to believe what one hears the other side, gave opposite party the only money on the body, who tells each other is a cheater actually, cheat light his money, the Zhang Yonggang that just gave a society is unripe really without can be loved!

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Zhang Yonggang’s teenager must be in a complete mess too, hapless thing happens on his body completely it seems that, press he is suffocatively for a time come. Fortunately he begins to take sport later, although not be very red, but dress warmly and ear one’s fill still can solve. And most the business that makes him worth while rejoice is, after marrying with the wife all the time conjugal love is happy, conjugal love is happy 20 years.

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Zhang Yonggang is very firm really, also very try to make a good showing, it is a brave man, thanked him to gave us to bring very much really so lovely, straightforward, thank abdicate flexibly again, expect those who thank abdicate to go up again line.

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