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Original title: The first collect lets a person burst into tears, this drama by what so fire? The closest teleplay ” the person is worldly ” the homonymic origianl work that caused the heat of netizens to discuss this to publish total company by Chinese youth ” between the world ” what adapt by Li Lu hold guide and hold the position of industry of movie of total producer Tecent,20220213002233 62084f492858b Big now play showed this practical subject matter a few years this the life of Chinese common people produced what change China after all go to today step by step20220213002233 62084f496deab Contrast give a kind of real hardship: The awkwardness that corporeal deficient brings, helpless and helpless be short of the garment to feed deficient disease less to accompany each other but China is increasingly prosperous nowadays wait a moment to pily crop from commissariat already no longer the corporeal living conditions of short of money and ordinary common people is improved with each passing day20220213002233 62084f49e3bb5 Be in ” between the world ” medium the good moral character that Zhou Bingkun has working people as civilian children his humanness integrity is generous be brave in to take on to face dilemma in other when his come out boldly helps danger aid up to strand he is particularly faithful at the same time the individual feeling at oneself resolutely definitely and20220213002234 62084f4a2a6ae Shine upon of this drama place goes out go all out in work up no less than of energy spirit look every Chinese is same from ” small ” to ” everybody ” it is from beginning to end up the road to be apt to spans a few years what the change of Chinese world-shaking condensed countless Chinese is difficult struggle their20220213002234 62084f4aa16fe Satellite of the first man-made world of Chinese launched a success 1970… use national defence of China of more than 10 years of time only the old age of actual strength Qian Xuesen that sophisticated technology obtains a series of major breakthroughs to achieve place of a few on the world a few developed countries to have still cares Chinese spaceflight career to be in 82 years old he is being believed when advanced age! ” ” people says I did dot thing for national people is top award! ” ” the father of Chinese nuclear-powered submarine ” Peng Shilu20220213002234 62084f4aea5f3 He says he did two things only all one’s life is to build nuclear-powered submarine 2 it is to build nuclear power plant emissive carrier rocket of Chinese missile nuclear-powered submarine is successful 1988 this is afterwards atom bomb Chinese firmly builds the 2nd nucleus since after explosion is successful shield Peng Shilu ever was China this top secret name20220213002235 62084f4b35fd8 “Want motherland need only, I am willing of course ” on the argumentation that end learns to begin to uphold nuclear power of the first nuclear-powered submarine of our country into the Peng Shilu of homecoming from Russia the fifties and early days develop the century to want to build nuclear-powered submarine to follow idiotic nonsense as good as really at that time but he accomplished lifetime to do two things for the republic, the person underhand method that the whole nation when new China just held water has 520 thousand brethren to sufferring the torment of leprosy disease to get this kind of disease and skin are met fester atrophy is whole and facial because no matter be,twist of cave in, facial features looks very horrible be in the Europe of the past or be in20220213002235 62084f4b7b15d Leper 1958, li Huan of 37 years old flower the life that hiding the truth from the parents that lives in the United States together to abandon liberaling alone one person returned the motherland to be as long as after this in the years of half many century she is in oblivious of oneself ground each days to work to be born forcedly be born each20220213002235 62084f4bcbceb Arrive 100 years old from 37 years old to realize ” ill without leprosy world ” she struggled what Huan Ying of half many century plum says at most still is that word: The choice that I never regret to cross my… ” countrywide technology expert ” ” expert of countrywide youth station ” is Bo of chest of Zhao of Zhao chest Bo on contest of technical ability of the 45th world the actual combat experience that the gimmick technology that depends on adroitness abounds and stable state of mind? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Solder project ” 3 Lian Guan ” round also he becomes the solder that when the dream of craftsman solders, world champion, big country hops to spend temperature to be as high as hundreds of, on 1000 Celsius although dress defends the flower that take solder can be taken through defending as before thickly burnable his skin arm! ” the green story that in the generation below old age another acting Chinese is carrying indomitable spirit and warm force to narrating his from beginning to end ” the person is worldly ” the youth gives an a warmth, understanding in this the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day also can face towards for them not, “Several ” say ▼ of 2021 of Guizhou the Youth League edits: Gou Lin’s editor-in-charge: Examine and verify of Zhang Miao mood: Wool Li origin: Magazine of Xinhua News Agency, new Hua Wenzhai, Chinese youth magazine, new China in the center of end of client of powerful nation of People’s Daily of @ of news of CCTV of @ of station of daily telecommunications, B, small gain, study, the Youth League

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