Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: It is personate together ” Bai Suzhen ” : Ju Jing Dai is spat groove, yang Zi is pure and lovely, and her god is reductive! Before ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” sow got the heat of netizens is discussed. Break up this those who pat is at hazy He Jujing by new personality actor Dai acts the leading role, sufferred spit groove on the picture of acting and whole teleplay. Small today make up come check, had performed Bai Suzhen’s star.

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Ju Jing Dai also is one’s previous experience of girl God group, be being enraged with bearer all the time is very tall. But she is not one’s previous experience of regular professional training, so acting spits groove, that also is the thing of give no cause for more criticism. Act the leading role before her ” Yun Xi is passed ” public praise is pretty good still, but this different however, it is S class at most.

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After all ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” it is to break up pat classical, so hard to avoid can be taken quite. Ju Jing Dai is in drama the Bai Suzhen of personate is firm unreal change adult form, whats are returned so won’t, integral temperament and old edition differ very far, and there also is bit of awkwardness on acting and expression.

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Actually, the Yang Zi of child star one’s previous experience also has acted ” white snake is passed ” , be with Ren Jialun partner. Yang Zi these year get all the time very great attention, but fortunately her acting is close friends more than present new personality floret. So whole department theatrical work looks acting temperament is very good still, can review the form that it is SS.

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Everybody should know most classical Bai Suzhen, still be Zhao Yazhi of that one edition, this should be the childhood of a lot of people to recollect. Temperamental grace of Zhao Yazhi is dignified, also be tender and virtuous in drama, gave an audience early to leave indelible impression, so this one edition just is the SSS+ level that cannot surpass.

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