Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Still remember on the west the peacock princess in travel notes? Did Jin Qiaoqiao eat ” the Tang Dynasty monk flesh ” ? Do not age To a lot of people, on the west each part in travel notes is very classical, especially inside teleplay the part of each actor has a blame to be paid commonly together, to now this teleplay is returned is first-rate make classically, although arrived every year summer when can broadcast, but those who let a lot of people feel strange is, how to see this teleplay won’t feel be worried. Among them each bridge paragraph it is very classic tale, manager Li Gu just can repair Cheng Zhengguo after all sorts of cross.

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There is a lot of letting that what the person shines at the moment is orange inside teleplay, it is a lot of costar let a person feel more very classical, and go up in the acting at that time, do not have so that carry absolutely, perform what character to resemble what character, do not know you still are written down do not remember, where is special inside teleplay beauty’s colourful at that time peacock princess? Kind-hearted and a person’s mind is very brilliant, inside numerous female costar, feel a when have temperament most to Jin Qiaoqiao is, the part that many people feel to she acts is very classical.

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It is to be among the modelling inside teleplay or the life in reality no matter, her image is very perfect, and delicate inside teleplay makeup look is to make a lot of people special like more, in not young at that time associate people express, the appearance that Jin Qiaoqiao is inside teleplay is very good-looking, arrive additionally show buy of v/arc be on the throne, at the outset she of personate peacock princess also was found by netizens the appearance that lives now, but after the picture that sees her, many people show, is she ate when taking sport the Tang Dynasty monk flesh?

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Since travel notes films on the west after finishing, arrive all the time her appearance appearance did not change now, want to know the time that differred near 20 years inside this paragraph of time, even if went so old time, her appearance also did not produce very big change to now, give people a kind of her younger and younger sense instead, likelihood this is people place do go against grow, and although pat,make fun of to now little, maintain to oneself nevertheless had not stopped however, this ability is always the secret of nurture youth.

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