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Original title: Sow drama to explode by heat red! Star of child of for use of an emperor gives acting 8 years to win support: Get audience favor greatly The article by gentleman of harbor drama information author JacksonTsang achieves formerly reprint make clear please: Severity hits any borroweding behavior, certainly will entire network is complained after all! Recently, TVB heat sows new theatrical work ” golden night edifice ” the word is heated up in becoming a city, dou Qiqi of at one’s leisure of not little netizen talks about gut, figure in the basis after all is of Li Shi of the heroine in drama a person be ghost? It is reported, since this drama broadcasts oneself, it may be said is to receive viewport tablet double bumper harvest, the audience is larger assist is wireless see what give priority to conscience with suspense subject matter make inaccessibly in recent years.

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In drama, act east east the Zheng Yaoxuan of small Tong Xing of one horn (boast B) depend on energy of life of this drama person to rise urgently recently, he what love greatly for the audience, the part in drama very denounce happy event, earth of person fine ghost often moves hero A desolate (Chen Shancong is acted) , more change added up to A Xiao and Alex (Li Shi is acted) the story between develops.

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Come newest one collect ” crow black ” the gut in unit, zheng Yaoxuan and Gao Haining of female role of wireless person energy of life act a mother child, he has more opponent besides as peaceful as high of great capacity, Chen Jiahui outside play, with leading role of male and female, and act ” crow black ” Wu Jiayi has many adversary to make fun of. Many audiences express to see this unit story very touch, although drama middle east east in the memory that disappears in people forever finally, but only alone father Chen Jiahui did not wipe the memory between father and son, made many parents look to express feel sad. Nevertheless gut puts in gut ‘s charge, the actor that pa Mom acts in two in reality is very fond of to Zheng Yaoxuan have add, film so the everybody in the process is very happy.

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Recently, zheng Yaoxuan accepts harbor intermediary to visit personally now, speak of what film in drama a factory setting, year only he 11 years old says frankly original oneself are frightened really! He laughs say: ” when filming, first time fears a bit really when setting of library reaching the ground, because that scene is to be built too distinctly really, the feeling is so more horrible, nevertheless warm up hind has been afraid of no longer. “

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Ask about what still makes him feel horrible? Zheng boast highs immediately laugh points to, it is to be in drama ” person energy of life explodes the lamp ” part Mary- – silica gel fair young, he says: ” when seeing Mary for the first time, I am frightened by it, because it is too presumable person really. “

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Speak of in drama he often A Xiao of ghost a train of horses carrying goods presses Alex doorbell, by ” ? Bell young ” offend many audiences to laugh. To this, does Zheng Yaoxuan say frankly ever has curiosity asked mother ” ? Bell young ” the meaning in the center, and Zheng mom laughs point to: ” the meaning that he also has inquiry actor’s lines, we also can explain, and he also understands these is part dialogue only, do not suit to say on ferial life so. “

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It is reported, the Zheng Yaoxuan that was born 2008 begins to join from 3 years old perform wireless drama anthology, had appeared centrally in a few drama up to now, show experience it may be said is very rich.

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Although he is dot only, but he grows Qing Dynasty is beautifully fair and clear and acting is good, make so many audiences leave deep impression, yi Shen favour of wireless many supervise the manufacture of, in recent years more became Tong Xing of TVB for use of an emperor.

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