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Original title: Enrage goddess with the person first costar sweethearts! 35 years old of TVB are small unripe speak bluntly: The wife after wanting to inspect comes explore class The article by gentleman of harbor drama information author JacksonTsang achieves formerly reprint make clear please: Severity hits any borroweding behavior, certainly will entire network is complained after all! It is person of 35 years old of TVB to enrage small unripe Luo Zhongqian, early before announce circumfluence returns harbor development, return a married woman’s parents’ home afresh wireless he what take theatrical work, meet to stay in Hong Kong to strive for more time and Yang Yi of the wife after inspecting, the hope can build life BB successfully at an early date.

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A few days ago, luo Zhongqian shows as new theatrical work ” Mu Ji’s witness ” take outer door scene, according to knowing to be this in new theatrical work, he will enrage sweethearts of costar of Wen of goddess Zhang Xi at the person, film field mouth gut is told about that day, a the other side is coaxed after Luo Zhongqian offends Wen of cummer Zhang Xi to get angry, 2 people become reconciled finally the hand pulls a hand, the picture appears very sweet.

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Suffer when visitting, zhang Xi Wen divulges he is to act attorney role in drama, although did not go up,front courtyard makes the show share of argue, but be about to often tell truth and name-calling, gas field is dye-in-the-wood! She says frankly, part disposition and oneself are very big different: ” as good at ordinary times as me different cough up, so I want to think how name-calling ability is scolded bit more lovelily, want a balance. “

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Speak of 2 people cooperating first hold concurrently perform sweethearts, luo Zhongqian laugh points to true still at the beginning be frightened by the callous appearance of Zhang Xi Wen, he says: ” but have before me actually had seen her be in ” 3 days of 2 night ” the expression in, know Kelly (Zhang Xi Wen) disposition is very hopeful, conversable, everybody opens man-hour to often joke. “

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Ask about Yang Yi of the wife after inspecting to you can be met come explore class? All along by accepted be ” love wife date ” immediately sweetness expresses Luo Zhongqian: ” it is bit better that I think she stays in the home, because present weather is too hot really, do not think he is so painstaking come exterior explore class, if opening factory scene too night. “

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Right now, zhang Xi Wen accosts point to, oneself are super vermicelli made from bean starch of Yang Yi, hope organic meeting can cooperate with her very much, but speak bluntly fears pressure is very great! Hear posterity such him assist wife, laugh at character as the immediately of collect intermediate modest of husband: ” ha, actually I want to cooperate with her very much, but I am very big pressure, do not pass or do not do sweethearts, everybody lets me take a rest, it is OK to perform hostility. “

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