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Original title: ” agitate ” sow close inspect gain the championship, 40 years old allow to weigh ” outfit is tender ” perform high school to be born, hairstyle is not the mainstream Late on September 22, start owner air great theatrical work by what hold the post of heavy, Guo Xiaodong to act the leading role ” agitate ” broadcast formally, what this drama receives grade is Guo Beijing flying main actor ” encounter happiness ” , plus it is gold archives broadcasts achieve for a time in peak viewing rate so 0.87% , this achievement is in program of put together art has been taken below the circumstance of bully screen on the weekend.

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Regard a tribute as drama ” agitate ” those who tell about is the 3 sibling that are born in Shanghai alley the story that struggles in economic spring tide, of this and instantly praise highly energy special agree. And a few main actors of this drama are behaved somewhat on market of drama of movie and TV, hero holds the post of heavy ginseng to act ” small jubilate ” obtain archives of summer vacation time to close inspect champion, this drama also is him the first leading role makes fun of this year, what next he still has cooperative sea Qing Dynasty is male advocate play ” sweet ” .

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Heroine Li Nian goes out first half of the year those who act ” Dou Ting is good ” also obtain right result, in this drama she and Guojing fly personate husband and wife, just ” agitate ” receive archives Guo Jingfei just about ” encounter happiness ” , the audience also speaks: “Suming allowed to run again accordingly into your daughter-in-law ” . Besides Ren Chonghe Li Nian, the Guo Xiaodong in this drama, Che Xiao also is to become famous long already acting sends an actor, and this drama also is by hold had guided ” chicken feather flies on a day ” the director holds a knife, according to such battle array, audience nature does not worry about acting, but this drama leaves after sowing, suffer fully however spit groove. Middleaged person performs high school to be born too awkward

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From the point of the evaluation of fabaceous valve audience, major person is dissatisfactory is a few leading role in the head two concentration still are in actually perform high school to be born. Usually, leading role can appear for certain in years theatrical work people the gut of student times, often these parts can choose young actor model, however ” agitate ” in the Li Nian that allows to be mixed again 34 years old by 40 years old however personally go into battle performs high school to give birth to green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse.

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From Li Nian’s high school unripe stage photo looks, although she left high school to lay common wave wave head, but the furrow on the face had, what also be born without high school in the eyes is clear, even if acting is again good, had been very difficult on Yan Zhi denounce happy event.

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And the category of 40 years old that allows to had stepped middleaged actor early again, in drama he and Li Nian are green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, also have naturally so ” outfit is tender ” student modelling, but he is carrying head of surface of a bubble on the head to let person instant give play. Although allow to weigh in drama,be wanton, disposition contains the person that all corners of the country enrages to set, but the modelling that is not the mainstream so let a person think of Xi breaths out singer normal circumstance to fall, major actor can avoid to perform student play again after passing 30 years old, and ” agitate ” production just is true can be economical, and Li Nian and allowing to weigh also is ” dare act really ” . Sow public praise adverse, later period relies on gut and acting to break up only dish

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The begin of a drama often is to attract the Chongzhongzhi of the audience to weigh, the first paragraph when resemble an article must want absorbing. And ” agitate ” it is some bureau adverse, be no problem above all on gut, because be realistic times drama,so inevitable meeting has these leading role people the introduction of young times, but the gut that director group uses before this let middleaged actor indeed two part directly for save trouble has some of Ga.

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Look nevertheless from gut conception angle, the acting that a few main actors are win universal praise sends an actor, the share in acting of the violent wind in follow-up gut should attract an audience. Do not cross the Ga from this play protagonists in light of, this drama may not compete to cross the corresponding period to broadcast ” be in distance ” .

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Besides Ren Chonghe Li Nian, male 2 Guo Xiaodong all the time not lukewarm not fire, although red of it doesn’t matter is heard but the work that also did not highlight quite, go up in audience appeal force so somewhat difference. And female although acting of 2 cars dawn is online, but what the audience cares more is she is married at the outset wealthy businessman is forsaken old job. At present ” agitate ” head sow close inspect passable, public praise is general, the person of Ren Chonghe Li Nian is set also be spat groove, do not know this drama can rely on gut to turn an one city? Our wait and see what happens

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