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Original title: ” have Fei ” Guan Xuan! Zhao Liying is postpartum first reappearing teleplay, partner unexpectedly small she is 10 years old

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Teleplay has Fei 16 switch on the mobile phone formally, deduce the lifetime of legend to us hand in hand by Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo, everybody the ten knight-errant romaunt that cent expects to Zhao Liying and Wang Yibo are brought to me! According to Priest of writer of great mind class homonymic novel adapts this teleplay.

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Speak of Priest to but have the honor to win,have valuable writer 16 years most then, of its under one’s name ” have Fei ” it is to had obtained network literature more double year of award copper award, network literature double year what is award? By Zhejiang province, Ci Xi the writer on net of city, peaceful wave city establishs it together. Such come saying that Priest is true is not simple! After all network literature double year of idea that means of award decide on awards through discussion is holding to work to need thought and skill from beginning to end. Small make up if was not being misremembered, this is clever treasure postpartum first reappearing teleplay, since clever treasure and the eye shot that everybody faded out of slowly after Feng Shaofeng marries to be pregnant publicly, when do a lot of netizens comment clever treasure reappears after all in succession? Or else reappears firebug people get lovesickness.

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Eventually clever treasure will be in September 11 Guan Bo and ” have Fei ” Guan Bo is interactive, “Hello, zhou Fei ” , ” Fei comes also ” , netizens are commented on in succession should so excited that cried. Clever treasure ever won 28 golden eagle award, go out with Huo Jianhua act ” spend 1000 bone ” so old in the past small make up or clearly is in eye, only Zhao Liying ability will spend dripping wet of 1000 bone deductive delicate, thorough popular feeling, enjoy oneself so much as to forget to leave letting a person, this drama obtains teleplay history sow drama last week champion and year champion. She also is the youngest nominator after Bai Yulan is inspected, too much and too much award did not come out one.

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In ” have Fei ” in, personate wears Zhao Liying the master week Fei of all corners of the country of a renown raise, zhou Fei is born in the dynasty with a downfallen all corners of the country, be rescued by the Xie Yun of Wang Yibo personate in accident. A thousand li having a reason will encounter, bag bag turns, the two people after 3 years encounter again and each other strange sincere feeling begins to scatter had dog food, we also does not know more gut. Want to know more gut pay close attention to Guan Bo having Fei please. Nevertheless this is Zhao Liying postpartum first reappearing teleplay, do not know so long clever treasure acts in a play can not close, it is very those who expect new theatrical work broadcast!

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Have Fei how can little our male advocate, partner Wang Yibo of Zhao Liying. Zhao Liying is born at 87 years, wang Yibo is born at 97 years, but leading role of this men and women differred fully 10 years old ah! Differ 10 years old to cause the comment of netizen and vermicelli made from bean starch, can you do not have Cp feeling? Actually small make up do not think so, clever treasure of haing haing ~~ which drama with male advocate having slowly Cp feeling, so we also need not worry. Still a few netizens worry about the acting of our Wang Yibo, is Wang Yibo in ” does Chen Qing make ” be proud charming tentativelies mediumly Su La did everybody forget 2 childe? But this one part gets of many audiences love. Everybody also does not worry about Wang Yibo’s acting.

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When Fei just can leave after all sow? Firebug people express to wait in succession not as good as, more not little vermicelli made from bean starch expresses to should read the origianl work novel that Mu Mu writes. Actually work of each movie and TV to the actor was progress and grow, anyway this is clever treasure postpartum first reappearing teleplay, compare her hand in hand small the life of legend of celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that Wang Yibo of 10 years old brings to us. Week Fei all corners of the country sees! All corners of the country sees everybody!

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