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Original title: Once learned connecting with the boxing skill in Shaolin Temple, life experience is too bitter, now nowadays however the film contract is ceaseless

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Be like everybody to always be met the place that within has a softness, see a certain familiar place when us, familiar setting, familiar thing is waited a moment, the likelihood knows without the person why we can have these impressions, because we had experienced the thing that place of a lot of others had not experienced,be, likelihood you had not experienced the thing of those sadness, do not mind this kind of business so, we should understand the pain of own heart only, also want to understand this kind of pain may bring our consequence, so we want the ceaseless heart that overcomes our, those who make oneself ceaseless is powerful.

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This actor that we should say today is Li Jilong. Actually he most beginning is not an actor, he entered wushu of Shaolin Temple study because of a coincidence, and the life that is in Shaolin Temple is not the ordinary person is sustainable, but Li Jilong is not a person with fear difficult, the wushu ability that there has been a single person when he leaves from Shaolin Temple finally so, he besides once learned connecting with the boxing skill in Shaolin Temple, his family commits suicide because of money however, now nowadays however the film contract is ceaseless.

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Li Jilong’s life is quite actually miserable really, be full of in Li Jilong expect to what did not come, when be being gone after to the dream to oneself, be short of in the home transmitted a sad news of the death. He has a young and lovely little sister, and had experienced her little sister very difficult and the admission notice that had received an university, but must be faced with exalted tuition at the same time however, because pay not to have this kind of tuition, chose to commit suicide so, when Li Jilong is informed this message heartstricken, feel the incompetent ability that is oneself let a little sister choose this route, li Jilong is more so sturdy oneself want ceaseless effort, give family support ceaselessly, let oneself won’t have such regret again.

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Actually him not let sb down of Liji Long Ye hard, he once went out had acted ” special mission ” , ” Shaolin Temple legend ” , ” historical novel of new the Three Kingdoms ” , ” brotherly small detective ” , ” lucky 4 treasure ” , ” the summer of fleet-footed ” , ” my war of resistance against aggression ” , ” super military spirit ” wait a moment a lot of, not only act in a play, he still is the person of a very zealous charity, because of the little sister’s reason, so he aided financially a lot of children that cannot go up to learn because of economic reason, help more people fulfil an earnest wish.

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Actually this kind of actor and this plants Li Jilong character, be worth to show little now nowadays fresh pork to should learn, we want the ceaseless actual strength that promotes our, also want to pay attention to the character that oneself are an upright person at the same time, the Li Jilong that also hopes to did not come can be jumped over on the career further, acting is more and more marvellous.

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