Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Grow when only the video of 30 seconds, cause tremendous sensation on the network however, ” anonymous ” what to want to work? Good, I can say I was taken really only, the one black and white video that Duan Shichang is 30 seconds only, can lift so great billows on the network unexpectedly, look at Na Manbing’s barrage, it is to let a person feel mysterious really. This is the film ” anonymous ” the Guan Xuan video that just puts, in video, wei of face of main actor bridge did not show one side even, had ticked off the heart that had the curiosity with countless strong audiences however. ” anonymous ” it is an espionage battle piece, it is group of trade of rich accept movie ” Chinese victory trilogy ” the 3rd work, if where,those who tell about is a flock of underground worker below the condition of hard pinch, do not forget first heart, risking life danger to pass information, defend an old practice that defends a country. Espionage battle piece we are very familiar, of the famousest Yun Long having willow ” east wind rain ” with Liang Chaowei ” the person that listen to wind ” .

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To espionage battle piece, we look too much, what false husband and wife, what imposture, incomplete of what brother photograph, all sorts of types experience passed. But why this paragraph ” anonymous ” Guan Xuan piece put, was so big echo caused when standing? You are done do not understand, I also am done do not understand, can say how the making Fang Taidong of film captures the mood of the audience only. You watch the video in this paragraph of 30 seconds in, two individual stations are in Wang Yibo and Wang Chuanjun by the side of vast sea, a body lies beside. Two people are used brief but sterling Shanghai word undertakes communicating, simple sense explodes canopy, accent is dye-in-the-wood. Plus that abstruse camera lens language, be full of the dialog of black humour, the curiosity that makes audience generation intense is not strange also.

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Especially Wang Yibo, the Neozoic young actor that was born 1997, just be in ” the Luoyang since wind ” in personate crosses elegant childe a hunderd li 2 man. At the moment he is in however seaside to the Shanghai word with big sterling violent wind of a body, this kind provides big contrast to give an audience with intense visual wallop, invite an audience people of too impatient to wait want to see this movie. And Wang Chuanjun, be in ” I am not medical god ” before, we do not know who this actor is even. At present we still do not know the main content of this film, the main actor also knows Liang Chaowei, Wang Yibo and Wang Chuanjun 3 people. But government-owned announce video has given an audience with envisaging a space enoughly, let everybody guess after all produced what story. If everybody watchs the video of this paragraph of 30 seconds again carefully, be in with respect to meeting discovery of video right next horn, still reached two feet, that is to say, the body is not, however 2.

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Resembling is the takes Bai Yi skill beauty in Chinese picture, perhaps be intended, perhaps be innocently, the editing and rearrangement of video square envisaged a space tremendously to leave an audience. Essence of all without exception of camera lens language, dialogue, performance, music is accurate advanced, to ace, informal a few camera lens, had surpassed thousands of words. Good, about ” anonymous ” this film, what I know is not as more as everybody also, but in the camera lens language that I not can measure mysteriously in this kind, experience the atmosphere that kills to a kind of respectful. Perhaps this was being represented ” anonymous ” the meaning of this film name, our ancestors people the business that do, great do not know for person place however. Unripe Yi Ru this, dead Yi Ru this, 2022, when this is shown, sure it is the cinema explodes canopy when, let our wait and see what happens.

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